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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The chickens ate the fox...

Now that we have seen the first moves of Nalcor's new CEO - underwhelmed seems an appropriate reaction.

Stan Marshall the successful head of regulated private utilities has either lost his touch or has been directed to stay the course.

Ed Martin was not the only executive responsible for the complete failure of our corporation. Martin however appears to be the only casualty.

We have already been told that Marshall will carry on with Muskrat without real justification or real numbers relative to cancel or go on the project.

The savvy that the former head of Fortis demonstrated at the helm of the private utility is absent now.

One very telling comment came during a media event last week when Marshall was responding to a question regarding potential privatization of the Crown Corporation. He stated "The sheer fact that I'm in my role means it can't be done."

In a world of real journalism this would have been like a red flag to a bull. This would have caused a flurry of questions similar to a nor'easter - fast furious and fierce. Here in Newfoundland and Labrador progressive natural resource deals were placed on the endangered list starting with the Upper Churchill deal - and competence on the subject from our "journalists" has been extinct for decades.

There is no excuse for missing this. We must be able to have some faith in the news media - but we can't. If we are relying on them to keep their eye on the ball - we have lost the game before we played.

What was Stan Marshall saying? He is in a conflict? What role? What can't be done? What prevents him from considering that option?

As all of you know I am the champion of keeping Nalcor/Hydro Crown - but if what Marshall says means what I think it does - it would also prevent the company from looking at the reverse - nationalizing Newfoundland power. It would also prevent Nalcor from becoming aggressive with other potential opportunities. Ones that could make us money.

Worse than all of this - in a round about way - was Marshall indicating that the conflict of interest provisions applicable to the former CEO of Nalcor's contract do not exist in his?

If this is the case and Marshall refuses to clean up the conflict - he too should be replaced.

Enough already. Show us Marshall's contract - what are you hiding now?

MacDonald Tobin Williams - the three amigos - whose turn is it this time?

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Kathleen F. said...

Apparently there aren't any Investigative Journalists in NL.....sad for NL.