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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Minister Judy Manning must be replaced

Here we go again.

CBC has completed some research with respect to Ms. Manning's experience and background.

This person is supposed to be our Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

Sorry she does not cut it. Please remove her from the position.

Evidence for such a move as follows:

The CBC reported and asked Ms. Manning about the information below

According to the provincial government, Manning was assigned 19 cases and held hearings for all of them, but did not file any decisions before her resignation.
Now, the family of one of those injured workers is complaining about delays in his case — an appeal for a wheelchair-accessible vehicle — saying they have had no contact from anyone about what will happen now.

Ms. Manning's response was

But Manning is defending her role at the WHSCRD, saying commissioners routinely miss the legislated 60-day deadline for decisions.

It is absolutely unacceptable - unprofessional - and perhaps worse... The Attorney General of our province justifies breaking the laws of our province by advising that others routinely do.

This is not acceptable from any Commissioner but from the Attorney General? This does not evoke any sense of confidence in our Department of Justice - in fact it does the opposite.

The Minister goes on to say

"I'm entirely comfortable with how I've discharged my duties as a review commissioner and certainly to date I'm entirely comfortable with the energy and the enthusiasm that I've brought to this position,” she said.
“And I'm looking forward to continuing to execute in a similar manner."

Let's get this straight - our Minister of Justice is entirely comfortable with not finishing files she is responsible for - not concerned about breaking the law - connects enthusiasm with quitting and not finishing files and then advises Newfoundlanders and Labradorians that she plans to do the same with this job?

Will she commit to quitting in 5 months?

The CBC story is filled with more of these remarkable and troubling statements.

Why not we call a spade a spade and recognize that Ms. Manning in not even close to being ready to be Minister of Justice or Attorney General.

Great piece of journalism Rob Antle - giving us the information we need to make decisions - without drawing the conclusions for us.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Open and Accountable Tory Times

We should have a new online paper called the "Tory Times".

Everyday the examples of secrecy, incompetence, and avoidance of elections should be headlined.

Today we should deal with falling oil prices. I predict the election will come before the budget - if the prices stay down. What will the PC's do with the financial mess we are in?

The Humber Valley Paving Contract remains a mystery as the "open and accountable" Davis government will not call a much needed inquiry into the mess. Labrador paving deadlines continue to fall to the wayside while the Minister believes everything is wonderful.

Minister Manning - continues to run away from the opportunity to be elected by the people - while John Crosbie continues to try and "con"vince us this is okay. Amazing the levels of entitlement some people feel and believe.

The Muskrat Falls fiasco hums along - while the failing CEO continues to collect a cheque - a very big cheque.

Whatever is going on at Ocean Pond?

How many lawsuits are we currently involved in and with whom?

Paul Davis says he IS listening to the people so he changed the changed name of the former Department of Justice. He apparently is NOT listening to the people who want an election.

Where is the contribution list for the Premier's leadership campaign?

What is going on with the roving transformer?

Let's keep an eye on the Tory Times which has an "unelected" "mandateless" Premier guiding an unelected Minister of some department - supposed to be similar to Justice - who is determined to run only when her hometown is available. That is to say Davis has a preferential candidate - who he is introducing as a Minister - prior to her election - in some pathetic effort to tell the people of Placentia - St. Mary's what to do.

Call an election Premier Davis and see if you can get a mandate of your own.

Monday, October 27, 2014

RCMP - not enough resources?

Dear Royal Canadian Mounted Police

There really is no need to spend time on my blog. I am a political critic.

Resources could be better used elsewhere.

The CPC's disgraceful fundraising efforts are really not a police matter - but rather an ethical/moral matter that Canadians have to deal with in the next federal election. 

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Conservative Disgrace - Call display

Since posting "Conservative Disgrace" many of you have asked for a picture of my friends call display. Here is is:

Further information from my friend: He tells me he was a member of the CPC over a decade ago while supporting a local candidate. They actually asked him if he now wanted to renew his membership!

Please remember this was taking place while the nation mourned yesterday and our national networks were broadcasting all of it live.

This is a disgrace.