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Friday, October 24, 2014

Conservative disgrace!

I visited friends this evening and during the course of our discussion over tea - what they told me was unbelievable.

At approximately 2:30 pm today Newfoundland and Labrador time - they received a call from 709-702-8496. On the other end of the phone was a representative of the Conservative Party of Canada's "customer care" line looking for a political donation. First the caller asked if perhaps the person would like to donate $100  and then after a "no thank you" reply asked perhaps if $50 would be better - and after a further "no thank you" suggested $35 to which he received the same reply. He then asked my friends what they would like to contribute - they responded nothing - not interested.

What followed next was appalling - the Conservative representative then suggested that my friends should really reconsider - and why was that? Well imagine if Trudeau had been the Prime Minister in the week that we just had....and on it went.

So on the day that the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was reopened and 2 new guards took their places - and on the day that the procession of Corporal Nathan Cirillo carried his body home from Ottawa to Hamilton - the Conservatives felt this was an ideal time to fund raise?

This is a disgrace.

So while Canadians were paying tribute to a fine young man - the Conservatives wanted some cash?

This is a disgrace.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Davis - putting lipstick on a pig?

As the bogeyman can be either gender - the use of the word should not cause sexist issues. Now as our new "unelected" Attorney General raised the topic of fear - I should not be accused of being nasty.

Judy Manning believes that criticism of her appointment is coming from the Opposition Parties as they are "threatened by the Progressive Conservative Government". Telegram story HERE

I would "with respect" reword that to read the electorate is threatened by the Progressive Conservative Government.

Threatened by the mounting debt,

Threatened by the unfunded pension liabilities,

Threatened by the Muskrat Falls project and escalating energy costs,

Threatened by scandal such as the Humber Valley Paving Contract,

Threatened by the erosion of democratic conventions,

Threatened by the level of patronage that continues,

Threatened by the continued loss of industry,

Threatened by our population statistics,

Threatened by the loss of the Justice Department,

Threatened by an "unelected" Attorney General who makes decisions based on her emotions (my heart is in the Placentia - St.Mary's District so I can't run anywhere else)

Threatened by the continued loss of rural communities, and

Threatened by the arrogance and disrespect this government has toward the people of the province.

If the whole idea of Ms. Manning's appointment was to frighten the Opposition - then I guess they are relying on the introduction of a bogeyman to frighten the critics into better behaviour.

Considering Ms. Manning brought up the topic of threatened let's look at why the PC's are making "innovative" changes to our democracy. Paul Davis is going to be different - see - look what he did. He plucked a well-connected Tory unelected out of a sole practitioner law office and threw her into a new Department of Public Safety. Furthermore - just to be different our "unelected" Premier chose somebody who was afraid to run in any of the by-elections. Then - just to be different he accepted the resignation of one Minister (who he would have fired anyway) and left another Minister named in the HVP report right where he was. Additionally - just to be different - he found that Labrador was without a Minister so - he plucked arguably the most controversial and bad-tempered off the backbench and presented him to the electorate as a changed man. Lastly he wanted to up the number of women in government - so he ignored an elected woman and went out and found one that he thought was more worthy of a Cabinet post?

One can only reasonably believe that Davis made such outrageous choices in a desperate attempt to put lipstick on a pig. Or if you prefer -You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear. The end product is the same.

How about we outline why the PC government feels threatened:

1. The polls,

2. The by-election losses,

3. The defections or resignations of key Cabinet and caucus people,

4. The acrimonious mess of a failed first leadership race,

5. The divisive actions of Deputy Premier Steve Kent during the second leadership contest,

6. The very loud criticism from Progressive Conservatives,

7. The weak backbench (as evidenced by the "unelected" Premier's recent Cabinet shuffle),

8. Continued failure to communicate or continued failure of decisions,

9. The numbers of people showing up to vote for Liberal nominations in Tory districts, and

10. The growing voice of the people demanding both an election and a judicial inquiry on HVP.

Please just call an election - so we can sort this out. Let's see who the people want and don't want. 

Judy Manning and HVP Inquiry

Her experience in the Court of Appeal can be found here.

Albeit - Pennecon - her client - did not win the day and Metal World - not her client - was awarded party and party costs - the case had some connection to a Mechanics Lien and the construction industry.

So how about Ms. Manning quit as Attorney General and instead head-up the Judicial/Public Inquiry on the HVP affair.

In this way - we the public - get to see her act within her profession - and determine if partisanship can be overlooked for such a proceeding.

Now I know she does not have the legal experience of Clyde Wells - we can still test her metal as she reviews the mess which is the HVP fiasco.

Let's see if she's comfortable questioning the "unelected" Premier or the "unelected" Premier in waiting who quit or the "interim" "unelected" Premier or the once "unelected" then "elected" Premier and current Cabinet colleagues such as Kevin O'Brien.

After the Inquiry is finished - we may be up to a general election. Let's see if she still wants to run for the PC's then.

This would be a big feather in her CV - and also allows us - the electorate - to see her in action. We would like to see "vintage" Manning and see if we like the bouquet. As it sits now - the bouquet - resembles that of rotting herring.

Although Inquiries are headed up by a Commissioner - usually a judge - Cabinet posts are usually filled by elected people - so we can make an exception.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Dear "unelected" Premier Davis

Dear "unelected" Premier Davis,

I am writing this open letter to see if you are listening to the very loud and numerous voices of the people from all political stripes. If you are listening - I imagine you are hearing the following:

1. Premier Davis must fire Judy Manning

2. Premier Davis must call a Judicial Inquiry into HVP affair

3. Premier Davis must get to the election by February

Now let's see if it's Party of the people or if it's Party of the entitled.

Let's see if you "unelected" Premier Paul Davis are going to be accountable and transparent.

Let's see if you "unelected" Premier Paul Davis are going to listen to the people.

It's never been a communication problem - it's never been Kathy's fault. It's always been the policy choices, patronage and cronyism, arrogance and entitlement.

"With Respect"


PS - have you heard the very clear voice of Former Tory Premier Tom Rideout?
I have the audio attached for your convenience.

PRESS HERE CBC NL Central Morning Show