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Friday, September 22, 2017

Throught the eyes of a 1 year old

Ode to Muskrat

20 years have passed.

What is the place you lived in Mom and Dad?

The place with all the dirt bikes, bog bikes, and snowmobiles.

The place you went trouting and the dory you caught cod from.

The place you could walk for miles in the woods and see all the moose, rabbit, caribou, and partridge. 

The place you picked your blueberries and bakeapples.

The place where people took care of people and always had a friendly smile.

The place with all the towns that had funny names.

The place with the whales and icebergs.

The place with beautiful beaches and miles of marshes.

The place I learned to ride my bike and where Nanny and Poppy were from.

The place where we cut our Christmas tree and you cut wood for the fireplace.

Where is that place - Mom and Dad?

Well, the place didn't survive long enough for you to live it.

For that we are truly sorry.

We were too busy enjoying the last spoils - to stop the corruption, theft, and waste of our tremendous resources.

We can't stop Muskrat now!

You know the old saying If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.

We are the proverbial people spoken about.

Lie 1

We need the power

Lie 2

This is the cheapest alternative

Lie 3

We need to get around Quebec

Lie 4

Holyrood will be eliminated

Lie 5

It will cost 7-8 billion dollars

Lie 6

We need it for industry

Lie 7

We will own the transmission line to the Island

Lie 8

Ed Martin quit/retired

and now the biggest whopper of them all

Lie 9

We can't stop Muskrat now

For each and every lie above we had head-bobbing from ignorant MHA's and Ministers, we had a media in report but not research mode, and we had and have leaders who lead us down a garden path.

Each and every one of these lies was repeated, reported, repeated, reported, and repeated and reported.

Each and every one without a modicum of real and unfettered independent investigation.

The first big whopper - "we need the power" was one leader and the last big whopper  "we can't stop Muskrat now" from our current leader.

Both of them have tried to back up the statements with "input" from experts. The current expert Stan Marshall - riddled with government exempt conflict - has proclaimed "this is a boondoggle" but "we can't stop it now".

The first part of his statement "this is a boondoggle" is something that should be used in the Captain Obvious commercials. The second part "we can't stop it now" is coming without real proof or true independent review - that should be demanded by the people.

We suspect there has been/is some form of corruption going on. We know for certain incompetence has been abound and continues. We know we were lied to. Any reasonably minded person would say - it is time to stop the boondoggle, forensically audit the boondoggle, review the results publicly, and then look at all options.

Not here though. Lie repeat. Lie repeat. Lie report repeat.

It is unfathomable.


A lie told often enough becomes the truth. Vladimir Lenin
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A lie told often enough becomes the truth. Vladimir Lenin
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Warm and Fuzzy lobbies

Today the CBC ran a story titled

They work, they own homes, they pay taxes, but permanent residents can't vote for city council

That story resulted in some twitter commentary, opposition and support - including Maggie Burton - a candidate for St. John's City Council.

Ms. Burton appears to favour a change that would allow non-citizens to vote. 

I tweeted back and forth with Ms. Burton - and found that her agreement with allowing such a change to law was more wrapped up in the warm and fuzzy - not the law, the intent of citizenship, and without polling the citizens she wants support from. 

One of her first responses to me is that other cities are looking at it - and referenced the CBC story. 
Followed my "it's not fair"
Followed by "it's not a radical idea"

So I got down to it. I asked some questions, put out my own opinion and why I held that opinion - and outside an interlude with a Permanent Resident of Canada - living in Newfoundland and Labrador - the tweets back and forth between myself and Ms. Burton ran on.

The self-identified Permanent Resident attempted to depict me as somebody who was opposed to him having and voicing an opinion. A Permanent Resident in Canada is protected by the Charter and laws - they just can't vote or stand for election. He knew this when he signed up for that status. 

The conversation with Ms. Burton raised some serious concerns for me as a citizen - regarding the ability of a warm and fuzzy lobby to make politicians jump on a bandwagon of ignorance. That is to say the implications of such a change were not examined thoroughly - and in spite of this - a person running for office was willing to go to battle for such a concept. 

The CBC for their part should have broadened the story to get opinions and feelings of citizens who are opposed to such a change and outline their reasons for that stance. 

Here's the real deal:

What permanent residents can do

As a permanent resident, you have the right to:
  • get most social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, including health care coverage,
  • live, work or study anywhere in Canada,
  • apply for Canadian citizenship,
  • protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
You must pay taxes and respect all Canadian laws at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

What permanent residents cannot do

You are not allowed to:
  • vote or run for political office,
  • hold some jobs that need a high-level security clearance. 
This is pretty straight-forward and is known by those who choose a Permanent Resident status. The Government of Canada encourages PR's to apply for Canadian Citizenship.

Why is this important?

The act of incorporating creates a new legal entity called a corporation, commonly referred to as a “company”. Your corporation will have the same rights and obligations under Canadian law as a natural person.

Corporations are a person under the law - but like Permanent residents are not citizens therefore cannot vote or run for office. 

Corporations have for years complained using the same arguments as a Permanent Resident - they reside in the municipality, contribute to the municipality and pay tax in the municipality. They too want the right to vote. 

Once you take away the citizenship requirement for voting and standing for election - you open up significant issues and ones that will be challenged. 

In the CBC story one such Permanent Resident - Philippa Jones - claims she is not a citizen of Canada but she lives in St. John's so therefore a citizen of St. John's. Patently false and wrong. She resides in St. John's. She is a resident not a citizen of St. John's. You are either a Canadian citizen or not. This does not break down to to a provincial or municipal level. It is one or the other. 

I'd like to be a citizen of Newfoundland and Labrador - skip the Canada part - however this would take a referendum with defined boundaries and rules. That's the way it is. 

Further - this lobby wants the right to vote but not the right to seek electoral office. This is absurd - and once again - open the can of worms and see what happens next. 

As a Permanent Resident - there are numerous benefits and rights - but the right to vote and seek electoral office is reserved for citizens. 

One pays tax because they are employed and they pay property tax because they own property. These are choices. If one wants to vote - however - they must be a citizen. If they want to have or achieve a high level security clearance they must be a citizen. 

I can guarantee that corporations with the same claims of paying tax - residing in - contributing to a municipality will attempt again to get the right to vote. 

If we change the status of a Permanent Resident to allow them to vote - all kinds of challenges to include other "persons" will begin. 

The CBC should have been more thorough, Maggie Burton should have polled the citizens on their thoughts, and Permanent Residents should apply for citizenship - and in the event they already have wait until they take the Oath of Citizenship. 

There are reasons for these rules and law - and we should not forget them for a warm and fuzzy lobby. 

I have read Maggie Burton's campaign material - and she has some wonderful ideas for the City. As with all elected politicians and those seeking to be elected - the quick jump on the warm and fuzzy lobby demonstrates a little bit of naiveté - that should be kept in check. Or sometimes we end up with something we don't want - like Muskrat Falls.  

Triple D - Danny's and Dwight's Dominoes

The title includes both Danny Williams and Dwight Ball - as Williams started the Muskrat mess and Ball seems determined to finish it.

The domino affect for Newfoundland and Labrador of this disastrous, ill-conceived, potentially corrupt project is astounding.

1. the astronomical debt burden on taxpayers and ratepayers
2. the questionable engineering to date on the project
3. the unquestionable loss of population that will occur
4. the unquestionable decimation of disposable income for a significant percentage of people
5. the unquestionable destruction of small/medium sized businesses relying on disposable income
6. the unquestionable increase in unemployment (already at third world levels)
7. the unquestionable reduction in essential services - as government seeks to find savings
8. the unquestionable increase in poverty - particularly seniors on fixed income and children
9. the unquestionable rise in taxation that will have to be introduced should energy subsidies occur
10. the unquestionable giveaway of more resources to try an offset 1-9 above

This project will be successful as the driving factor for out-migration and those remaining will have to shop at Costco or Walmart to survive - thereby eliminating and NL or even Canadian company existence.

Many of our abnormally high aging population will be left here as their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren move to more economically stable province, States or countries.

Rural Newfoundland and Labrador will be decimated at a greater pace. 

Health care, education, and social safety nets will not be maintainable at today's level - let alone advance.

Crime, drug addictions, and suicides will - in my opinion - be on the rise.

Meanwhile the fat-cats will be enjoying the wealth attained through the destruction of our province.
The fat-cats don't care - for the most part that's why they're fat-cats.
More seniors homes and long-term care will be needed as they cannot live at home with assistance from their children (who are gone) - yet there is no money to do this.

As younger taxpayers/ratepayers leave Newfoundland and Labrador the taxation and revenue needed to fulfill debt obligations will be shared among fewer people.

This is the catastrophic position we are in.

Ball - for his part - will not stop Muskrat and conduct a forensic audit and truly examine all options. Muskrat has consumed him and many of his colleagues. Ball - instead - will hold out on making a decision - any decision - as is his norm. This will cost us - our province.

Williams is running around complaining about infrastructure St. John's is "unfairly" imposing on him - and taking potshots at Dobbin - another "leader" of the business community.

Ball's biggest concern about seeking leadership, winning leadership, seeking elected office as the Premier - is whether or not the Townie big corporate community would accept him and take him seriously. He is working extremely hard to win their approval.

In my opinion - Williams for his part is unwilling to accept criticism - of any type and will parade around like a litigation happy snapping turtle.

The current crop of MHA's and. Ministers are primarily incompetent as it relates to policy areas such as energy, education, and health - to name but a few.

The government backbenchers are as probing as our media was during the Muskrat cheer-leading days.

The Official Opposition is in free-fall having promoted and backed the Muskrat fiasco - including Kent who opportunistically found another source of grand public servant pay - as leadership hopes or return to Ministerial  prominence was fading like the caplin stock. Leadership potential is about as good as chicken left on the counter for 2 days.

The NDP is nowhere in sight - as it finishes its dismantling to start anew. Now that the union workers have completed a fair chunk of the Muskrat fiasco - it might be okay now to throw out a few jabs.

The Danny dominoes were lined up when the Liberals took power - and the dominoes are now falling quickly after Dwight pushed the first one.

As I said in my last post - time is NOT on our side.