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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Muskrat avoided Stats Can?

Muskrat Muskrat and the people who will be left to pay for it.

Yesterday's National Post - read full story HERE

Of interest: "The shrinking East Most projection scenarios show Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick all losing population over the next 25 years. This is because of their relatively older age structure, their small share of Canadian immigration and their tendency to lose people to other provinces. Newfoundland is projected to be the hardest hit, dropping to 455,600 under the medium-growth scenario from 526,700 in 2013. "

What will the debt loads be for that 455,000 people in 25 years? How many of our children today will stay - considering the debt burden placed on them? Will the population numbers then be worse?

We need a change now. We need to do some serious reflection - particularly on the Muskrat fiasco.

What did the PC's Promise?

Please read below the promise from the PC Blue Book 2003

"The party in power always has an advantage in political fund raising, but it has an unfair advantage over other parties by being able to determine when elections are called, and by spending unlimited amounts of public money to buy pre-election advertising that does nothing but polish its political image."


"A Progressive Conservative Government will propose amendments... that will: Require that provincial elections are held on a fixed date every four years, or immediately if a government loses a confidence vote in the House of Assembly, or within twelve months if the Premier resigns during the first three years of a four year term."(emphasis added)

There is no doubt that the election should be called by January and held in February of 2015. The fact that PC's are now behind in the poll is not the point. The fact that they have a new leader is not the point. The fact that they want more time to re-prove themselves is not the point.

Are the PC's now saying that the new laws are for anybody but a PC government?

If this is the new Premier's first act - that is to delay a general election because it's not opportune for his party - then he will have demonstrated their collective democratic worth. Zero!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Imagine that Newfoundland and Labrador

Is it Scotland's Oil and Gas offshore?

Answer: The vast majority of oil and gas in the UK comes from the Scottish Continental Shelf and will be in Scotland after independence.

Analysis by academics at Aberdeen University tells us that in excess of 90 per cent of the oil and gas revenues are from fields in Scottish waters (based on well-established principles of international law).

Monday, September 08, 2014

The Spite Act - biting back

Apparently the House of Assembly Act has been nicknamed the "Spite Act" by a Labradorian blogger. That's probably accurate - based on the PC's failure to accept their lot with respect to the upcoming election.

There is no doubt that Williams and company spent a significant amount of time referring to Roger Grimes as the unelected and illegitimate Premier when they were in Opposition. Williams was determined to fix what he saw as a weakness in our democracy. Almost as soon as they achieved government - he and his colleagues did just that. There was no way - in Williams mind (as he articulated it) that any Premier who was elected by the party but was not the leader under the last general election should be making any significant policy decisions and certainly not be signing contracts.

Many provinces have opted to go with a fixed election date - but only this province it appears has gone with a change in election dates based on an early resignation of the Premier. This further proves that Williams and his Tory caucus absolutely meant to shorten the time to an election should a Premier resign early.

Unfortunately for the Tories - the first test of this law has come under their administration and while the polls are horrific. This does not change the law.

The PC's would like us to swallow - and their doing a good job of that with most media outlets - that the 12 month election clock comes after the swearing in of their newly elected leader. So for a moment lets look at what that would have to mean. It would mean that the House of Assembly Act - a non-partisan legislation - has gone to the dark side. They would have us believe that the law was designed to allow a political party on its own time to pick/select/elect a leader and then recognize that the party needed time to re brand - so be lenient - and allow the party to get its act together (no pun intended). This is too silly to even consider as legitimate. Danny Williams used to pontificate that a bunch of Liberals got in a convention room and picked their leader - who was then thrust upon the people without their approval.

Now the Tories want us to believe their new leader is "legitimate" and "elected" totally contrary to their position in 2001-2003. They want their new leader to be able to make deals and sign contracts and spend billions before going to an election.

What is most ludicrous about this is there are media and politicians running around claiming and believing this is what the Act means.

If that's the case we might as well add another feature and allow the official opposition an additional 12 months before an election following the resignation of one leader and only after they elect and swear in a new Opposition leader. After all - the House of Assembly Act must be seen to be equal to all officers of the House and our government and democracy.

Why not throw a by-election into the mix. Allow the governing party to appoint an interim member to replace a resigned member until they choose to have a nomination and then allow the party to rebuild the party image in the district before going to the polls. 

There is NO room in this act for political party anything - this is an act that deals with the House - all 48 members. If this Act was seriously worded to suggest that a political party can have time to call for nominations, have a convention, elect a leader, and that person swear in before a clock started sticking to an election - then I guess the Act would have prescribed a maximum amount of time to achieve a new leader. Otherwise it would be indefinite.

The election must be called by January with an election no later than February.

While the Tories are at it the "interim Premier" particularly - stop committing the taxpayers of this province to billions in spending over long periods of time. You arrogant hypocritical people.

If this Act was indeed a result of spite - I guess it's in spite of oneself. Perhaps you should table a new Bill entitled "An Act to revoke other Acts if we are down in the polls"