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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chase the Muskrat - postponed

You must be kidding me!!! Chase the Ace Postponed???

Below is what the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador SHOULD be saying to the media and the citizens:

Gov. NL

July 19, 2017

Public Advisory: Chase the Muskrat Postponed
The public is advised that Chase The Muskrat scheduled forever at Hydro Place in St. John's has been postponed, pending the outcome of an investigation by Gov. NL to ensure the integrity of the accounting, project management, safety, and time-frames for the project. Further it has a fiduciary duty to ensure that 13 billion tax dollars are spent in the best possible manner for needed services and infrastructure.
The decision to postpone Muskrat was made after evidence of outrageous overspending, unacceptable time delays, significant safety concerns, and misleading information was brought to the attention of the Govt. NL.
Nalcor will be permitted to continue until 8 p.m.
Contracts for the project should be retained by the contractors until an audit is complete.
Govt. NL is working with the citizens of NL while the forensic auditors can verify whether all conditions of all contracts have been met and that no false or misleading information was or continues to be given to the people.
The Province has the authority to regulate, audit, and cease operations of the Muskrat Falls project and has a primary responsibility to ensure that the safety, integrity, and need for the Muskrat project  is maintained.
For more information about this call your MHA.

- 30 -

Friday, June 30, 2017

Memorial Day - We Will Remember

Memorial Day - We Will Remember

Reposted every year. 

July 1 is Memorial Day in Newfoundland and Labrador

On July 1, 1916, 801 members of the 1st Newfoundland Regiment fought in the Battle of the Somme and only 68 answered the roll call the next morning.

Newfoundland soldiers in St. John’s Road support trench, July 1, 1916.
Many a home has been darkened with the shadow of bereavement as the Casualty List, day by day has flashed across the ocean. The sympathy of the whole community has gone forth, both to the brave Lads’ who have suffered, and to their anxious and sorrowing relatives at home. The gloom of these dark days, however, will be lightened up by the glorious heroism, which the Regiment displayed, and the glory it has achieved both for itself and the old Colony which it proudly represents (Diocesan Magazine 124).

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Danny's idea of punishment remains skewed. Stop the Muskrat Fiasco

Published on March 10th 2011 - how are we doing now? 


Danny's idea of punishment was skewed - do not let this cost us yet again!

The cost of an error.

As we muddle along into Danny's vision of a legacy - we should be reminded what happens when we as people do not ask questions regardless of media and opposition disinterest.

The Upper Churchill goes down in the history of western world developments as one of the worst deals ever to be perpetrated on a people.

Today as we see Hydro-Quebec lower its rate for Quebec consumers - we are pondering an astronomical raise in rates to accomplish what Nalcor says is a need to get rid of Holyrood.

Imagine our children having to deal with Holyrood and Labrador oil generated facilities while Hydro-Quebec and the people of our neighbouring province enjoy virtually complete hydro generated power - including the fabulous 5000 MW's from the Upper Churchill. That is a cost of that mistake. Our children should be enjoying complete clean renewable hydro energy but for the mistakes of Joey Smallwood, John Crosbie, Bill Rowe and others. We can thank a silent opposition of the day as well.

Imagine our children leaving Newfoundland and Labrador to work in processing facilities powered by our energy and value adding from our resources. That is the cost of such a mistake.

Imagine a place full of renewable hydro losing industries and not gaining them at a time when energy hungry smelters and refining facilities seek such energy in today's marketplace. That is the cost of that mistake.

Imagine our children's shoulders burdening billions in debt as we continue to lose billions we could have enjoyed - if a mistake was not made on the Upper Churchill contract.

Imagine - for years - we accepted a significant reduction in equalization payments because we produced the energy from the Upper Churchill - even though we were not the beneficiaries of the tremendous profits. Ottawa looked and said - even though the deal was bad - you could be collecting more - so we will reduce your payments as if you were. Billions more in lost revenues - a cost of doing a bad deal.

Imagine - had we simply waited - we would have attracted industry and developed the power for the benefit of Labradorians. Imagine what could have been in the 70's and 80's as oil prices rose from 60's prices of $3($18 adjusted for inflation) a barrel to $38($90 adjusted for inflation)dollars a barrel and now even greater again. That attractive hydro power that uses water not oil for fuelling generation. That water that is not impacted by an oil embargo from the Middle East in the 70's or the civil unrest in Libya today.

Imagine we would be debt free like Alberta - we would be utilizing a significant portion of our oil revenues for a heritage fund so that our grandchildren benefit from the non-renewable resources we are extracting now. Instead it is keeping us artificially afloat - keeping our growing budget in health care intact - until that is - when the oil is gone. That too will be a cost of that mistake.

Imagine the pride and not anger we could feel if we had just questioned a little more and waited for the right opportunity for us. Labrador's population could have exploded and industry could have flourished. We would not blame Quebec for our own mistake and their intelligence in choosing risks.

Here we are again - Danny says the Emera deal will right the wrongs of the Upper Churchill. What a joke. Does he take us all for fools? Apparently and that continues on with his successor Premier Dunderdale. We are mad at Quebec so we will go around them - be damned the cost - we will punish them.

Danny's idea of punishment clearly is skewed. Stephen Harper's lie robs us of 10 billion dollars - he punishes him by electing all Liberals (who cares) and by sending Fabian Manning to the Senate (oh the pain). Currently he wants us to punish Quebec by ramming through a hydro project which ships even more power out - to another company (publicly traded) which is vulnerable therefore for takeover. Punish Quebec by driving our power rates through the roof while making competitive jurisdictions cheaper.

Danny did not right the wrongs of the Upper Churchill as he promised - if there was a deal to be done on the Lower Churchill. I believe if it's even possible he's made matters worse.

First the unearned arrogance of the PC government continues to assume that the best possibility for power development is for export. Prove this to me and the rest of our people. Prove how exporting even more of this industrially attractive resource helps Newfoundland and Labrador more than if we used the power here. Show us the numbers - the normal economic studies that would be completed to reach such a conclusion. The government will have studies on everything but the economics of shipping out hydro power versus utilizing it through industry in Labrador.

The Upper Churchill will continue to punish generations of our people for decades to come - we hardly need to couple that misery with the untested policy of yet another Churchill development.

Why would industry ever consider coming here if we so willingly ship it to more convenient jurisdictions. Jurisdictions that already enjoy an advantage through the use of our raw resources?

We lose our fishery - and we sit and take it.

We lose our forestry - and we sit and take it.

We lose billions of dollars from a Harper lie - we sit and take it.

We are now on the verge of losing yet another tremendous resource - will we sit and take it?

What will it take for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to stop taking it and stand up for their children and grandchildren?

Why are we not in the streets and demand action?

Danny bluffed and bluffed and bluffed. We lost and lost and lost - on his way out he has asked us to giveaway yet another resource. This time say no. Just say no.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Protect our children - Stop the predators

A story in the Telegram this week reminds us all - once again - that predators continue to threaten our children and that the current system of punishment fails to deter them.

In this particular case a former Tim Horton's franchisee was in court "for the first part of his sentencing hearing on charges of possession of child pornography and unlawfully luring a child (under 18) by means of a computer system."

The former District Governor for the Lions Club is hardly a model choice when the Lions Quest Program is to "Inform and Strengthen our Youth".

This "man" (deviant) plead guilty to possessing child pornography and luring a child under 18 - in this case an 11 year old girl.

He asked for and received sexually explicit photos of the child and sent pictures of an adult male penis to her. They also had online conversations with many sexual references.

The Crown lawyer asked for a sentence of 18-24 months that "his name be placed on the National Sex Offender Registry for life, that he be subject to a firearms prohibition for five years, be placed on probation for three years and a Section 161 order imposed that would place limits on him having contact with anyone under 16."

The lawyer for the child predator suggested a "lighter sentence" of 15 months,  "a two-year period of probation and that a general no-contact order with youth is not needed. If it is ordered, he asked that it include an exception to allow contact with his grandchildren.He also disagreed with the firearms prohibition and the length of time on the sex offender designation."

Oral Clarke's (predator) actions apparently had "already cost him greatly". He lost his Tim Horton's relationship, was booted from the Lions and people are "treating him different". This his lawyer suggested would "help achieve the sentencing principles of deterrence and denunciation."

Let's look at this suggestion and determine the reality of the situation.

Oral Clarke was a successful business person with significant social standing in the community at large. Despite this Oral Clarke decided to lure an 11 year old girl via the internet. He decided his desire to see an 11 year old girl's vagina and breasts and his desire to show an 11 year old girl an adult male penis was okay.

Oral Clarke knew full well what he was doing was criminal and extremely harmful to a child, he knew his actions would be extremely harmful to his family, business, and social organizations he was involved in. 

Oral Clarke knew if he was caught - his material world would take a hit and his family would also be victims. Oral Clarke knew he was deliberately and knowingly harming a child. His sick perverted desires outweighed all else. He satisfied his deviant need to violate an innocent child.

Clarke said he "realized the foolishness of his actions". The fact that he made such a statement demonstrates how trivial he finds his behavior. Foolishness is  "lack of good sense or judgment; stupidity". We are reminded by the definition how all of us may have behaved foolishly in the past or in our youth. Clarke's behavior was not "foolishness" it was deviant, criminal, predatory, and beyond the comprehension of most human beings. 

In order to protect our children - we must force ourselves to look seriously at how Oral Clarke and other child predators think. Despite the disgusting nature of the crime - we must force ourselves to talk about it and deal with our legislators with regard to punishment and deterrence. 

If knowing you would lose your business, your social standing, and perhaps all of your family was not a deterrent for Oral Clarke - then 15-24 months in jail won't deter him. 

The problem is that thinking about such crimes is so abhorrent  - most of us try to erase the fact we've  ever read it. 

It is important to note that Clarke's lawyer also suggested "that a general no-contact order with youth is not needed. If it is ordered, he asked that it include an exception to allow contact with his grandchildren."

If the Court were to except the order as it relates to his grandchildren - it might be knowingly placing children in harms way. If the parents of the children were actually willing to give Oral Clarke access to them - they need to be protected from themselves and the court should ensure that.

Oral Clarke has no doubt victimized many people whom he claims to love and care about - but Oral Clarke was only ever interested in himself and satisfying his twisted need to sexually exploit a child. 

The police did their work and now society (lawyers, judges, legislators, and citizens) need to do ours. We need to do whatever we must to truly punish and deter these predators. This means our MHA's and MP's must be guided to adjust sentencing to truly reflect the crime and to more assuredly deter the predator.

Think of it this way. One morning Oral Clarke woke up and decided what he needed was to lure an 11 year old girl to satisfy his deviant and criminal mind. He then proceeded to find one, lure one, and exploit one. Wrap your head around those thoughts - it's not possible. The children need to be permanently protected from Oral Clarke and other predators. Make sure the sentence protects children and has nothing to do with Oral Clarke's personal or business losses. If it were your child what would you want the sentence to be?

This is Oral Clarke (Telegram Photo)