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Friday, September 29, 2017

Dwight's Muskrat Feast of deception

Last night was a spectacle to behold. Dwight Ball's Muskrat dinner was something to forget - if we could.

First let me thank some of the media for tweeting the latest Liberal Party function. Last night was a show of support for Dwight Ball by the party - thereby connecting themselves fully to his disastrous performance on the job.

From a media perspective - any journalist who is willing to portray that what the public (used to be naysayers, partisans, and conspiracy theorists) wants is an Inquiry is ignoring the so-called longstanding opposers to the project.

The indigenous people want the project to stop completely and they want specific material on the North Spur.

The longstanding opposers to the project want and are demanding a forensic audit now.

I believe most want the project to stop until an audit is complete so as the people can review all options for Muskrat Falls.

There is a strong belief that there is corruption, incompetence, straight up lies, hidden information, and incomplete data - regarding the project.

VOCM's question of the day - treats the public as if they got what they wanted with the announcement of an Inquiry. Then it encourages the public (based on that false assumption) to say what they want to find out from an Inquiry. Table #8 was Steele Hotels.

Then there is the permanent speaking note for Ball. "It's too late to stop it now". Then couched in - if I could I would tomorrow. Dwight Ball is just lying here. He uses Stan Marshall to back him up - so that he won't be responsible for that decision.

An Inquiry is going to review a project that will destroy us economically. An Inquiry is like reading a postmortem report. This is not what's going to get us out of this fiasco.

Next thing Ball's managers do is craft a little bit of we will get our way out of this through a new relationship with Quebec. In plain language - we are going cap in hand - completely vulnerable - to a savvy hydro giant to seek help. It means we are giving something else away. 

Unbelievably but yet so - the amateur drafter of the speech must have been told that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are so gullible that if we throw in a Donald Trump reference - it will dissuade the discussion of looking at new political options. It must have taken Dwight's administrators some time to get him to understand how he could use the "specter" of "populism".

Finally let's look at the forum used to make such an announcement.  Ball did not look to the media for live air-time to talk to the people and present factual data on why the project cannot be stopped or why an Inquiry is better than a forensic audit. He did not use a live appearance to explain why doing a forensic audit now and then being guided by those results to look at options - one being an Inquiry is not the right choice..

So Ball decided - or it was decided for him (he does not make decisions) that a Liberal Party fundraiser was to become a de facto branch of government that can be used when necessary to conduct government business. This is not an issue for the party - it is an issue for the province and her people. This was a disrespectful, idiotic, arrogant and despicable choice of forum.

As $500 a plate meals were served to those thriving off Muskrat - Ball thought he was talking to the people? No he was simply reassuring the corporate elite that despite what the people want - the project would continue and a forensic audit would be avoided right now.

All in all this was a kick in the face to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador - and Ball does not mind being used to do this.

Dwight Ball lied last night. Dwight Ball lies all the time.

After he takes his knocks for this - the Party will present an alternative to his leadership - so they can carry on. 

As for Siobhon Coady - her absence from all these "decisions" is an attempt to preserve her for another term.

Why Dwight Ball is doing this? I'd have to really look at who he is indebted to and for what. I can assuredly and confidently tell you he is a liar.

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Anonymous said...

Sue your rant about the Liberal party's fundraising events is well warranted it's just too bad there wasn't the same outrage when Muskrat falls was sanctioned. We have no one to blame but ourselves in this province for the dire circumstances we have found ourselves in. Take a look at the number of people and the media's fascination about the chace the ace in the Goulds last month and it will give you a good insight as to why this province is economically bankrupt. We can line up to purchase a few lottery tickets (in some cases a lot of tickets) but we can't shout down the licks of Danny Williams, Kathy Dunderdale and Dwight Ball when they are driving another over priced, not needed make work megaproject down our throats and PLEASE!!! Don't come tell me this is Ottawa's fault. These failed construction projects are the stuff that politicians dreams are made of-them along with thousands of construction workers, supply companies and local contractors whose only goal is to make a few bucks regardless of the costs. It is that madness that has to stop once and for all.