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Monday, June 30, 2014

Incompetence of Premier, Govt., Martin and Nalcor Executive

In 1971, _________ created __________ which is a subsidiary of ___________. With over 30 years' experience in large-scale projects, ____________ offers a complete range of services in generation and transmission plant engineering, project management and construction.
Over the years, _______ has also developed particular expertise in remote areas and multicultural environments, as evidenced by its role as prime contractor for one of the largest hydroelectric developments in the world— ___________ of northern ____________—which supplies over 50% of the electricity generated by ___________. This was further demonstrated in the _______________, where ___________ personnel constructed a 220-kV transmission line at altitudes of 4,000 metres or more. Every project presents major challenges, and ____________ has the qualified people to meet them.
Part of the considerable know-how __________ has accumulated over the years rests on the solid relationships it has forged with the people affected by its projects. Developing business partnerships and working in close cooperation with the ________, __________, and ________ communities, for example, as well as working to maximize regional economic spinoffs all attest to __________ expertise in this area.
As master builders, __________ personnel are high-calibre professionals. A multidisciplinary team oversees the completion of every phase of a project, from draft-design, detail engineering, procurement and construction management to environmental monitoring and follow-up.
For ________ clients, the benefits are clear—30 years of experience in managing and completing large-scale construction projects in the energy industry, on schedule and within budget.

Can you fill in the blanks? Answers HERE

If the answers included Nalcor - then we might be okay. If Ed Martin was Thierry Vandal and Gilbert Bennett was Real Laporte then overruns would not be considered "normal" and "expected".

The people of Newfoundland and Labrador deserve competence to be "normal" and "expected". To make matters worse - the nit-wits responsible for mismanagement are not replaced - fired.

You see if Nalcor and the government of Newfoundland and Labrador had sought the advice of Hydro Quebec we might have expected the project to be on-time and on-budget; we might have expected that real customers would be found; we would have expected our energy rates to be stable; we would have expected major industry to consume power and create LONG-term jobs.

Danny - Kathy - and the Tories played the Hydro-Quebec fear and hate card and as a result we have a mess - and our children will have a worse mess. We had "experts" remember - the best "experts" remember?

If an 800 million overrun has become "normal" and "expected" it's time to change our attitudes and our government.

Fire the Nalcor Executive and call an election.

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