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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Decision Gate 75 - Minister Sullivan

Minister Susan Sullivan was the picture of deception when performing at her News Conference on Midwifery.

It should only take another 5 to 7 years for the process to be complete. Decision Gate 75.

The Minister says she wants to make sure they will not experience the same problems as other jurisdictions in Canada that have already completed the legislated/regulated process for midwives.

Ms. Sullivan appears to be in a contest with her Atlantic Canadian peers in a race to be the slowest to regulate and utilize midwives. The rest of the provinces - no problem - with many of them being active since the late 1990's.

Ms. Sullivan knows or ought to that there is enough information to move forward now - not when she is no longer in government. This is just a case of - we don't want to do it now - don't want to spend the money now - despite the evidence that this type of service might actually save money. Unfortunately the amount saved - would not be recognized fully between now and the next election.

When this government - including Minister Sullivan WANT to do something - no problem. Let's say they put the effort into fast-tracking midwifery as they have done with Muskrat Falls - by now 40% of births would happen at home.

When I think of the mess they have made both in Muskrat Falls and our energy system - their RUSH to get everything approved - their RUSH to sign a deal with Emera; regardless of cost - the comment by Sullivan that they want to get midwifery right is nothing but deception or ignorance.

Minister Sullivan moved ahead with the destruction of independent pharmacy based on the Ontario actions - despite the problems they had in that jurisdiction. Right now we are witnessing extreme shortages of many generic drugs - ten times more in some cases - since the slashing of revenues to pharmacies. Why are these drug shortages occurring? What is it costing us?

When it comes to decision gates - the number of gates - and the time to pass through them has little to do with best practices, good social or economic policy for the people, and or the future benefits for the province it has to do with what they (Sullivan and her colleagues) want to do and when.

I guess we are at decision gate 75 for midwives, decision gate 100 for whistle blower legislation, and decision gate 450 for pensions.

Now how about we all take a crack at how many decision gates were required for Bill 29?

We now should demand decision gates on all policies - with the pomp and glory comparable to the Muskrat Gates of Eden.

We are tired Minister - but we can't shut our eyes. Time for you and the rest of your Tory Cabinet to move on. Why wait to be booted from office - follow your "friend" Kathy and leave. Are you all still blaming that one person for communication problems and bad policy?

I can't wait for the people's Decision Gate 1 in the fall of 2015 or sooner.

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