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Friday, June 15, 2012

The 2015 Election is Underway - Where's Dunderdale

Both Opposition Parties in Newfoundland and Labrador have made their first 2015 election promise.

The race to replace has begun. 

We - the people will hold them to it.

It is positive to see politicians respond immediately to the people by making a promise that all of us really need right now. A commitment to eliminate this cloak of secrecy - called Bill 29.

Last night Charlene Johnson either lied or demonstrated unfathomable ignorance by blaming the constituency spending allowance on the previous Liberal government.

The statements made - not yet available on Hansard - were beyond irresponsible they were grossly negligent.

The three political parties suffered blame as members of each were trotted off to jail. How did that happen? Read the Green Report. Read the Auditor General's special reports.

The Deputy Premier of Danny Williams - a person he put great trust in was front and centre in the political scandal of our time. His second in command - a Cabinet Minister in control of significant information secret and otherwise. This person who admitted to forging documents and stealing over $100,000 from us the people. This person who the Auditor General said received almost $500,000 over his entitlements.

Do we need a system that is open and transparent? Yes.

Do we need a system that seeks to thwart transparency? No

The government had options.

1. They could have let the debate finish naturally, they did not - they invoked closure.

2. They could have had Bill 29 reviewed by Chief Justice Green, Senator Beth Marshall, or by former Auditor General John Noseworthy (the man who brought the cost of secrecy to light).

3. They could have created an all-party committee to travel the province and consult with the people on the proposed changes.

4. The government could have sincerely considered amendments brought forth and at least pretended to have interest in the process.

5. The government could have killed the Bill - and in doing so appropriately recognized the wisdom of their colleagues, the people, and members of the media who were screaming foul.

Dan Crummell was just now on VOCM open-line suggesting that the media took offence to the Bill more than anybody. He said he believes they want to be in the Cabinet Room.

There is no defence to reducing access to information - yet Dan attempted to do it anyway. Way to trot to the trough there Dan. Fill-er-up. Gotta get a Cabinet Post - gotta get - me - me -me Dan.

Newfoundland and Labrador politicians have absolutely no right to reduce access to information - simply because the wound is too deep and fresh from the constituency allowance scandal. How arrogant must they be to support cloak and dagger legislation - when many of them were there when their colleagues were put in cuffs.

The Opposition parties have now taken a necessary step to rebuild confidence and trust in the electorate. They appear to understand that we are not prepared to "trust" them - on their word - just yet.

What Dunderdale, Collins, Marshall, Kennedy, King, Sullivan, Burke, and Johnson seem not to understand is reducing access now - so soon after the scandal - is like giving a parent giving their teenage son or daughter the car a week after they are convicted of drinking and driving.

Yes it is that serious! Yes it is that condemnable!

Now it is up to the NDP and Liberal MHA's to remind the people and the PC caucus that they will reverse the Bill and will reveal all hidden documents - as soon as practicable after the PC's are defeated.

By the way where is Danny on this? Where is Danny on this? Will this be the issue that excuses Danny away from "his" party and toward Dean? It remains incredible that all these PC backbenchers have not yet figured out that the fix is in.

They play you like a fiddle and in turn you fiddle while your political reputations burn.

Premier Dunderdale - where are you dear?  The 2015 Election Campaign began early this morning. The race to boot the Tories out has begun and you were nowhere to be found.

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