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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Will Dunderdale Hire MacDonald for Muskrat Falls Debacle?

Please read the VOCM news story below:

[Premier Kathy Dunderdale says there will be no public survey commissioned to ask residents about their opinions on Muskrat Falls. Last week Dunderdale announced that government will be sending out a flyer with information she says residents need to know about the hydro development. Dunderdale says a survey will not be part of that information process. Dunderdale says to ask residents about the technicalities of the Muskrat project would be beyond the scope of most Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.]

Clearly the Premier plans to continue mocking the people by questioning their intelligence and ability to understand the expenditure of billions of dollars and the reasons for that expenditure.

I ask the Premier - what special ability does she have that makes her any more able to understand the project? In fact - she's the one ultimately setting the direction and guiding decisions and in this regard I want to ensure that the project is not beyond her scope of understanding. In my opinion it is.

Then enter Dean MacDonald who supports the project but dismisses Dunderdale's ability to sell it. Well - Danny has been a mentor for both - so perhaps he can step in and control the fuss.

Dunderdale seemed willing to accept the accolades given to the project by Dean - when it was politically expedient but is she willing to take the slings and arrows from him regarding her ability to present the merits of the project?

From where any reasonably minded person sits - Danny appears to be controlling the Liberals and the PC's at the same time. Either that is by agreement of the parties involved or they are too naive or power hungry to see.

The backbenchers must be really confused as:

1. The Premier probably considers they are among the "most" Newfoundlanders and Labradorians she speaks of, and

2. They must not know who the real leader is.

In either case both of them - Dean and Kathy - want to play up their own intellectual prowess beyond the ordinary mortal and both dismiss the intelligence of the people.

This is an improvisational comedy playing out before us and we must remind these comics that monopoly money is fine - but playing with real resources and tax dollars is not acceptable.

Then again - I can't help but wonder if the Monopoly property names won't repeat themselves in Dannyville while ordinary mortals have to pay $30,000 for a cottage lot.

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