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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Liberal Ovation for Beano Deano

So Mr. MacDonald has addressed a group of Liberals at a fundraiser.

That's interesting!

The following is from a story in the Telegram on the event:

In Upper Island Cove Saturday night, MacDonald devoted nearly all of his 30-minute speech to attacking the current government, and making the case that the Progressive Conservatives, led by Premier Kathy Dunderdale, lack vision and cannot competently manage the province.

MacDonald attacked Dunderdale on what he saw as poor fiscal management, and while he said he’s in favour of the Muskrat Falls project, he thinks the government has “fumbled” the process to get it developed. “I don’t think we have a vision. I don’t think we have a plan for the province. I don’t feel that we’re all on a team who all know where we’re headed,” MacDonald said. “The party that’s been in power too long believes their own bullshit, and the party that will sweep into power doesn’t, and that’s us.” 

Well now - when exactly did this transformation occur? Was it when the Cabinet - not "Danny Williams" granted his wish for the fibre optic line? That would have meant that Kathy was instrumental in passing through the untendered cash. Is that the Kathy he is talking about?

How about the "fumbled" process on the Muskrat Falls proposed deal with Emera? Was that because he is no longer the Chair of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro? Does he think Ed Martin dropped the ball? Is he saying that Danny dropped the ball? Or is he saying that it's okay to "bullshit" the people now - for his own political gain - now that Danny is gone?

What team is Dean talking about? Is it the Ice-Caps or somehow the political team that he was part of when Danny was the leader of the same party he is now crapping on?

Newfoundland and Labrador is in for a rough ride people - when the word is that only Brian, Danny, or Dean, are intellectually capable enough to run our affairs.

So what's Danny's take on Dean's statements? That should be funny. Perhaps Brian can wade in and let us know what he thinks.

The Telegram reported that the Liberals in attendance gave Dean a standing ovation. For what? Crapping on the PC government that gave him the cash - that the Liberals fought vehemently against? Or is it for Dean supporting the most current PC economic/energy policy regarding the Muskrat deal which the Liberals oppose?

If the Liberals position is that "anybody" can become leader regardless of what they stand for - as long as it returns the party to power - then we can conclude our political system is completely broken.

It is impossible to calculate how stupid they think we are.

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