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Monday, April 16, 2012

Government Imposed Contract will Harm Independent Pharmacy - CICPO

CICPO Release
Notice to Editors: 16/04/2012
Please be advised that the Council of Independent Community Pharmacy Owners is preparing information for a News Conference on Thursday or Friday of this week.
This conference will outline the catastrophic losses to independent pharmacy from both the agreement imposed by government and the changes to generic prices forced by legislation. 
Please note that an amending agreement was executed on April 14-2012 and delivered to pharmacies yesterday afternoon. 
There is no tentative agreement and there is no ratification process for pharmacies.
Initially government stated it was making changes to generic drug pricing and would reinvest in pharmacies. The government has since made further changes in an imposed amending agreement that will see negative changes to the reimbursement of dispensing fees. 
Currently there is a “proposal” in place regarding “underserviced” areas regarding an annual reimbursement for qualifying pharmacies. Today there is no agreement on the terms and conditions of such reimbursement.
Further the administration for pharmacies respecting the change in their computer systems to reflect the imposed agreement could not be completed between yesterday afternoon and this morning at opening. This is causing significant confusion as patients fill their prescriptions today. 
The Council will advise editors of the time and place of the conference and the attendees for interview. 
At this point the only comment from the Council is:
Phil O’Keefe Director of Third Party Relations CICPO
“Our worst fears have materialized; independent pharmacy and the people they serve have been dealt a crippling blow. We are incensed that an agreement was reached without ratification of the businesses it will impact; and in fact was signed by the President of the Pharmacists’ Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, Sandra Carey, who does not own or operate a pharmacy in Newfoundland and Labrador. The government has imposed an agreement which will allow the chain drugstores and mass retailers to survive while inequitably harming independent pharmacy”. 

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