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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Sharpe and Portnoy phenomena

The people of this province may poll mass support for Williams for the 4.8% 95 times out of 100 - 400 odd person survey. It was called a survey right? Not a poll right?
Give us the breakdown of numbers from the various regions. Use your own imagination.
Anyway despite this tremendous - there is no opposition and minimum journalism to challenge - support level, our people are pulverized from regressive or non-existant rural policy.
The people of this province have thrown full support behind Craig Sharpe in record numbers and from all regions. This is tremendous and we should all flex the Newfoundland and Labrador muscle for this young talented fellow. He truly is a gifted son of our fair country. The people of Marystown have captured the media like a pitbull to Andy's leg with their efforts on the Portnoy case.

Both of these examples show the true spirit of our people as they rally behind something they believe in. We must ask why this has not happened for the fishery, forestry, outmigration, federal neglect, and rural decimation. I have spoken to enough people to know the sentiment is just as strong regarding these issues as the Portnoy and Sharpe scenarios.
The difference is the people believe they can accomplish something with Craig and Angela et al - they do not believe they can accomplish anything with the other life altering messes the government has seen fit to ignore. The reason is - Danny killed NAPE and bullied each and every other union. He beat the crap out of companies until they left the province. He threatened individuals when he believed they hacked into his opposition computer; he even called in the police - to no avail - they found nothing. He crucified the union when his son was in an altercation downtown - he was wrong. He yelled at the judge who told him his position on Rulokke was reprehensible.
Yes Danny you have whipped the people into submission. You've held them captive enough to gain their support - that is a syndrome isn't it?
You appoint buddy after buddy, eliminate any real increases for the public service, nurses, doctors, teachers, and other health care professionals. You play with communities like a cat with a mouse - slowly torturing them to death. You control the media with a sharp tongue and warnings of boycott. WE GOT IT ... WE GOT IT sure we do - with our democracy we voted for a dictator and then? The opposition is muzzled by "you didn't do it while you were in" and "all parties are involved in the HOA scandal".
How many years of failure under your watch can you blame on previous administrations. Was that your platform? They didn't do it so we won't either.
What a dangerous and gutless path we have taken.

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