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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jim is lost - can't see what solutions might be!

Listen Jim Morgan,
You are a bluff!
The absolute pomposity you displayed while holding Hearn's hand as he scolded, like children, the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.
When you repeated, like a parrot, the words of warning on the food fishery.
Now you refer to the troubles of Marystown - don't know what the government can do ye muttered - other than supply a mediator ye stuttered - it's the union and Risley ye guttered - not Hearn or Rideout for sure ye buttered.
How long are you going to try and sucker the fishermen and plant workers into believing that you have their best interests at your core. You had the ball for years, you had FPI it was ours to keep and yours to privatize. The government is in full control - if it chooses to do so. Hearn will not do anything he yammered on about for years.
Tell you what Jim - I requested a list of license holders for stocks for offshore, midshore, and inshore, the Minister will not deliver the information.
Hearn came on radio a month or so ago to say he had glanced at the license holders and found some interesting things. He knows - but won't tell us.
You know the feds should be sued for mismanagement - you watched it for years. You took no action. The stocks have not recovered - so stop the bluff - you are cushioning the blow for your political buddies.
By the way were we good boys and girls during our "special" chance to enjoy a recreational fishery. Were we good boys and girls when all the fisheries officers were swimming our coasts? Were the adults in PEI, Nova Scotia, and Quebec good this year. How many officers did they commit to those provinces as they enjoy a tourism friendly extended recreational fishery?
Who do you think you are speaking to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians in that condescending tone? Why don't we just hold you accountable for the fisheries policies of the past. Now who deserves a tongue-lashing?

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