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Friday, September 22, 2017

We can't stop Muskrat now!

You know the old saying If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.

We are the proverbial people spoken about.

Lie 1

We need the power

Lie 2

This is the cheapest alternative

Lie 3

We need to get around Quebec

Lie 4

Holyrood will be eliminated

Lie 5

It will cost 7-8 billion dollars

Lie 6

We need it for industry

Lie 7

We will own the transmission line to the Island

Lie 8

Ed Martin quit/retired

and now the biggest whopper of them all

Lie 9

We can't stop Muskrat now

For each and every lie above we had head-bobbing from ignorant MHA's and Ministers, we had a media in report but not research mode, and we had and have leaders who lead us down a garden path.

Each and every one of these lies was repeated, reported, repeated, reported, and repeated and reported.

Each and every one without a modicum of real and unfettered independent investigation.

The first big whopper - "we need the power" was one leader and the last big whopper  "we can't stop Muskrat now" from our current leader.

Both of them have tried to back up the statements with "input" from experts. The current expert Stan Marshall - riddled with government exempt conflict - has proclaimed "this is a boondoggle" but "we can't stop it now".

The first part of his statement "this is a boondoggle" is something that should be used in the Captain Obvious commercials. The second part "we can't stop it now" is coming without real proof or true independent review - that should be demanded by the people.

We suspect there has been/is some form of corruption going on. We know for certain incompetence has been abound and continues. We know we were lied to. Any reasonably minded person would say - it is time to stop the boondoggle, forensically audit the boondoggle, review the results publicly, and then look at all options.

Not here though. Lie repeat. Lie repeat. Lie report repeat.

It is unfathomable.


A lie told often enough becomes the truth. Vladimir Lenin
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A lie told often enough becomes the truth. Vladimir Lenin
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