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Friday, August 11, 2017

the A to Z Ancestry DNA in NL politics

Let's review why we end up with governments we end up despising. Unfortunately by the time that occurs the damage has been done.

The first of this series looks at the "lifelong" party faithful.

1. Liberal Tory DNA

About 25% of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are genetically linked to one party or another. You can diagnose this condition without sending away for a test,
a) yours is a house that 1 party can rely on for life to place political signs on the lawn, in the windows, or across your garage door,
b) you have been card carrying member of "your" party for life,
c) the zealot syndrome - if you do not openly embrace even the most ludicrous ideas - without critique, question, or second thought you don't have it,
d) you find yourself plotting to undermine a person who is not with "your" party without logical reason for doing so,
e) you will disown a family member before you disown "your" party,
f) your ancestry is defined by a political party,
g) you willingly donate to "your" party regardless of what they are offering or not offering,
h) if an MHA from "your" party leaves for reasons of ideological choice on an issue - particularly in the proper representation of their constituents, the MHA - not "your" party - is guilty of treason,
i) you plan a political coming out party for your child or grandchild,
j) you believe that political parties in NL are ideologically different,
k) you believe it's a "your turn" kind of system where you wait it out knowing that "your turn" is coming,
l) you are willing to present your body at a party demonstration or event to up the headcount,
m) if you don't like "your" party's leader - you will choose not to vote - instead of looking at somebody else,
m) you don't mind if "your" party MHA does not read legislation before voting on it,
n) you phone talk-shows with speaking notes - provided by a paid staffer,
o) you treat politics like the World Wrestling Federation,
p) you assume critics of your party's position are from another party - naysayers - conspiracy theorists,
q) you believe question period in the House of Assembly is for name calling and ridicule,
r) you believe in political messiahs
s) you try to stand next to a politician from "your" party to take a much desired selfie,
t) you hang a photo of "your" party's leader/s on your wall,
u) you look for online "question of the day" and press the answer as many times as you can,
v) you plan your summer vacation around a politicians visit to your communities garden party,
w) you believe "your" party is never wrong just always fixing another party's mess,
x) you block opponents to "your" party on Twitter,
y) you attempt to get "your" party MHA's to friend you on Facebook,
z) you think this list has been established by the "other" party.

If you can relate to 50% or more of these traits - you need to rethink before our province is extinct.  

Next up - the corporate party swingers...

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