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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Continuing to fail our children

At what point do we - as a society - say - enough?

The history of child abuse in Newfoundland and Labrador is horrific.

The cover-ups at Mount Cashel, the inordinate number of times we witnessed "systemic failure", and the constant stories of our children being battered, tortured, molested and traumatized by foster parents, parents, priests, relatives, and strangers.

These precious little people, innocent, without a voice, without protection from society.

Pedophiles in every position of power and authority - having their pick of victims.

Please have a look into the sweet faces of one of your children, grandchildren, your niece or nephew - and try to imagine a so-called human-being harming them.

These predators need to go to prison and go to prison for a long time. Yet many of them are walking among us - they are living life freely as they take a child and crush their trust, their innocence, their life.

The "system" designed to protect them has failed over and over again.

It is time to terminate the employment of adults who through negligence, incompetence, or reprehensible lack of caring,  allow these atrocities to occur.  

It is time to create a fail-safe system.

Clearly policies and legislation have failed.

The voices of adults speaking out against, racism, gender bias, and inequalities of all sorts are strong, united, and get the attention of media on a daily basis. Yet virtually the only time we hear the voice of a child who is a victim of abuse is after the crime has been committed - and usually it is after multiple occurances.  

A 12 year old girl impregnated by her adult caregiver twice and twice having an abortion!

If we can't do something to prevent this - then we are not fit to be called an advanced society.

Grown men - pretending to be boys - stalking young girls on the internet for their twisted pleasure while the community and family want to add that otherwise they are good people? 

Little children being murdered by a parent - to spite another parent? Yes people this is the type of garbage walking our streets.

So politicians and bureaucrats - get your collective act together - and make certain our children are protected.  

Fish policy, energy policy, forestry policy, health policy, tourism policy, education policy can all be damned if we cannot first find a way to make our children safe.

We have had Inquiries, reviews, panels of experts, and promises.

Enough of that crap - protect the children of our province. If you can't step aside, quit, hide your head somewhere out of it.

If a child is failed by the system - fire the system.

It is rather difficult to focus on all the economic turmoil, corruption, and boondoggles of our province when 12 year olds are whisked into a room for impregnation by an adult caregiver.

Does this turn your guts? It should. Please join me and demand a resolve to this. Let no other child suffer like this again.

No more excuses. 

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edwena Kavanagh said...

Does anyone have the answers? How, When, Where etc. I agree with all your blog on this matter but don't see any ideas, on how to protect children. Perhaps on your next post you could give us something to get our teeth into and hopefully no child will hv to suffer again. Thank you Sue.