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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chase the Muskrat - postponed

You must be kidding me!!! Chase the Ace Postponed???

Below is what the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador SHOULD be saying to the media and the citizens:

Gov. NL

July 19, 2017

Public Advisory: Chase the Muskrat Postponed
The public is advised that Chase The Muskrat scheduled forever at Hydro Place in St. John's has been postponed, pending the outcome of an investigation by Gov. NL to ensure the integrity of the accounting, project management, safety, and time-frames for the project. Further it has a fiduciary duty to ensure that 13 billion tax dollars are spent in the best possible manner for needed services and infrastructure.
The decision to postpone Muskrat was made after evidence of outrageous overspending, unacceptable time delays, significant safety concerns, and misleading information was brought to the attention of the Govt. NL.
Nalcor will be permitted to continue until 8 p.m.
Contracts for the project should be retained by the contractors until an audit is complete.
Govt. NL is working with the citizens of NL while the forensic auditors can verify whether all conditions of all contracts have been met and that no false or misleading information was or continues to be given to the people.
The Province has the authority to regulate, audit, and cease operations of the Muskrat Falls project and has a primary responsibility to ensure that the safety, integrity, and need for the Muskrat project  is maintained.
For more information about this call your MHA.

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