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Monday, June 06, 2016

The Martin/Marshall contract

Our history is riddled with mistakes, incompetence, corruption and bad decisions.

The last two weeks have been about the Ed Martin compensation lottery.

Part of the fury is the contract itself. The public did not have ready access to the document until it was released by Des Sullivan. Uncle Gnarley shed light on the whole sordid mess is an articulate post.

There has been much made of the contract and the Executive benefits Martin enjoyed during his tenure of failure.

We now have a new CEO, Stan Marshall. His success with private or publicly traded regulated utilities is well known and unlike his predecessor he has the bio to prove it.

Regardless of what I think about the appointment (I will deal with that in another post) there is a need for more openness and accountability. This is what was promised and expected.

With the aforementioned considered we are in need of significantly more information on this appointment than what we have now.

1. Has a contract been executed with Stan Marshall?
2. When was the contract achieved?
3. What is the duration of the contract?
4. Was the contract achieved under Section 7 or 9(1)(2)(3) of the Energy Corporation Act?
5, What are the terms of the contract?

I really do not care if it's Bill Gates we have employed - the public must know the terms of Stan Marshall's appointment. We must know if it contains clauses that are unacceptable regardless of his past accomplishments.

We have many times had a "savior" in politics who turned out to be not so beneficial despite successes in their pre-political life. Now we are depending on a "savior"for Muskrat Falls. This thinking is deliberately ignorant and very dangerous.

It is not acceptable that we be in the dark about it until Marshall goes out the door. 

Considering what we have just gone through and continue to go through - the government and Nalcor should be anxious to make this information available and the media should be anxious to go after it.

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Kathleen F. said...

Something is coming "down the pipeline" and it is NOT OIL!