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Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Governor General should do his job

Let me preface this post by declaring my disgust with the Senate and my support for a full public federal/provincial process to discuss reformation or abolition.

Yesterday - Prime Minister Stephen Harper - demonstrated again his disdain for Canada and the Constitution.

We could argue at this point that Stephen Harper is an element causing disruption to the economy and affairs in Canada.

I ask again - is the Prime Minister under investigation by the RCMP or CSIS?

Many Canadians are sick of the Senate - we have lost confidence in the Upper Chamber as a result of unethical and perhaps criminal behavior of some Senators.

Many Canadians want reform - many want abolition - many want continuity with significant oversight.

Regardless of what we want - there is a process to change the Constitution of our country and it must be followed. I do not care what Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau, and May want - I care that they follow process.

Right now there are 22 vacancies in our Senate. These seats should be filled. They should have already been filled. The fact that Harper refuses to fill them is in direct opposition to our Constitution. The PM is once again snubbing the laws and Constitution of Canada.

The leaders of all political parties can muse about what the Senate should look like, operate like, or even whether or not it should exist - but they cannot pretend to be the decision makers on this issue.

This is paramount to saying the publicized evidence of an individual charged with a crime should be all it takes to find that party guilty. We do not need the courts or criminal justice system - we only need a hand full of people to declare somebody is guilty.

A Vancouver lawyer is in the process of challenging Harper's refusal to appoint Senators - via a court challenge.

I want to know where Governor General David Johnston is. The GG should be filling those seats. He should be taking his duties seriously. The policy of a PM providing advice to the GG on Senate appointments is just that - policy - NOT law.

David Johnston appears to have no problem making the ceremonial events or representing Canada in his capacity - he should have no problem doing his constitutional job.

Until the Constitution of Canada is changed - the Senate exists.

The following clause is not a thought it is law. "When a Vacancy happens in the Senate by Resignation, Death, or otherwise, the Governor General shall by Summons to a fit and qualified Person fill the Vacancy." See HERE

Arguing that there are no set time frames is ridiculous - it is frivolous - it is disingenuous.

The time frame is now - the word is "shall" and the responsibility falls on the Governor General.

Three men and one woman (Harper, Mulcair, Trudeau, May) do not possess the power to thwart the Constitution because they do not like it. They have the power - under process to start a process of change or amendment to the Constitution.

All Opposition parties should be screaming from the rooftops when the Constitution is being violated. Not doing so for political opportunism  makes them no better than Harper - the  man and party they want defeated.

Amending or changing the actual function of the Parliament is very serious and should be treated as such. This is not a political football to be tossed back and forth like children on a playground.

If these men and one woman want the respect of the electorate - respect our constitution.

As for Governor General David Johnston - he is a disgrace. Until he takes his real duties seriously - I cannot support him.

As for the media - once again they demonstrated how easily they fall into Harper's manipulation of the press. Harper proclaimed yesterday - under very weird circumstances - that:

1. He will not appoint Senators and
2. He wants the Senate abolished

Where's the scrum? Where's the oversight?

The man said that his refusal to appoint Senators will force the provinces to come up with a plan for reform. So our Prime Minister states that he will deliberately break the law until others decide to change it. This protest must potentially contravene C-51 - so where is the RCMP? where is CSIS?

Yes Canadians want change - but we want it done lawfully - particularly when it's the legislators who are ignoring it.

We as Canadians cannot jump all over Harper when he breaks some laws but not when he breaks this law.

In this particular case - Harper should be forced to follow law - Mulcair should knock off playing with it - Trudeau needs to explain better - and May - I'm not sure (not enough media coverage)

Governor General Johnston needs to appoint 22 Senators - now.

I'm not sure abolition is best or a Triple E is best. I do know that ignoring the law in an effort to change it - is NOT the role of elected representatives.

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