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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

STOP before you spend the Universal Child Care Benefit

The Universal Child Care Benefit, blatantly used as political material by the Conservative Party of Canada - may actually have a silver lining.

Before you spend the retroactive cheque - consider how what you spend it on may best benefit your children.

If you use $400 of it to make a political contribution you will get a $300 tax credit. If you donate it to any party other than the CPC - you may very well be making the best investment for your child's future.

If you believe as I do that the CPC is corrupt, deceitful, ethically bankrupt, and a danger to the future of Canada as we used to know it - then that $400 contribution might be the best money you ever spend for the benefit of your children.

Middle class families who find it difficult to find money to help a candidate or party defeat Harper and his cronies - have a unique opportunity to use this CPC taxpayer funded slush fund to do just that.

Just imagine the CPC being inundated with Green Party, NDP, and Liberal ads being funded by the Tories own abuse of taxpayer money.

Imagine getting a T-Shirt saying I used Poilievre's UCCB to defeat the CPC.

You see the $300 tax credit for a $400 contribution may be worth more to you than spending that $400 that you will be taxed on to buy a service or product that you have to pay GST on.

For all those Canadians who believe that Harper must go - consider the above as a real option to create a better future for your child in Canada.

Think before you spend - consider supporting something other than the Conservative Party of Canada. 

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