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Monday, June 01, 2015

Duffy Trial over?

The deal may be made between Crown and Defence in the trial of Senator Mike Duffy.

The only way Stephen Harper is going to eliminate the messiness that is the PMO is to make the Duffy trial go away.

Justice Charles Vaillancourt has allowed a critical Senate Committee report to be entered as evidence.

So if the Senate fights this ruling and is successful - it will be determined that the Defense is being unfairly restricted. 

The trial has adjourned today with witnesses now set to testify tomorrow.

Will tomorrow ever come - and if so will it be a short one?

It appears the raising of the report may work as well for Stephen Harper as it does for Mike Duffy.

This may have been all planned with negotiations just complete. 

Win win for the CPC and buddies and lose lose for the people of Canada.

The trial of Mike Duffy may well be over before we - the people - had a chance to hear witnesses like Nigel Wright.

This is justice right?

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