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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tories crushed in new polling numbers

It's polling time again - where CRA quarterly polling should be in the field.

I am satisfied however to reveal information from other scientific polling which has been taking place over the past couple of weeks.

I have seen the information myself and it's showing that the PC's are now in third place.

The information shows the Tories in the teens - chasing the NDP for second. The Liberals remain in the lead.

It also shows that support for Danny Williams as the best leader for the PC party sits at over 60% with female voters support for the former Premier at over 70%. Davis is comes in at 12% with Kent at 7%. The Tories have not taken to their new leader.

On the issue of when our next election should be - close to 50% wanted it before now or this summer while 40% are willing to wait until the fall. There is NO appetite to extend beyond September.

The polling also shows Earl McCurdy is quickly catching Paul Davis as second choice for Premier. Dwight Ball remains in the lead as choice for Premier.

If these numbers reflect reality - and I believe they do - this government does not have the moral authority to keep governing and a summer election should be held.

These polls have sampled over a thousand Newfoundlanders and Labradorians and the numbers do not look good for the PC's.

It certainly answers why MHA Sandy Collins has been trash talking on Twitter and why the NDP appears to be aiming at the Liberals.

The PC's are protesting too much about the Liberal platform - it is telling me that the numbers I have reviewed are accurate.

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