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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Minister Kent forcing ATIPP request

Steve Kent proves that words coming out of the mouth do not mean actions coming from him or the government he is part of.

The current Minister of Health, Deputy Premier, and wait for it, Minister Responsible for the Office of Public Engagement - has blocked me from VIEWING his tweets.

I am a taxpaying citizen of Newfoundland and Labrador and he is a public servant. We pay his salary, a portion of his generous pension, insurance, expenses, and many of his communication devices.

I have no desire to "follow" Steve Kent - however as a Minister of the Crown I am interested in what he may tweet.

He and his government colleagues would have us believe that they have learned the error of their ways since the Bill 29 fiasco - but such is not the case. So after millions of dollars to understand what transparency should look like - Steve Kent proves that will not stop petty, partisan, and juvenile behavior.

Mr. Kent demonstrates why our government makes the costly mistakes that it does. He demonstrates that petty partisanship will always come before real communication.

The Deputy Premier uses devices we pay for and uses them on our time and dime.

I ask once again that Steve Kent remove the block from my Twitter account and allow me to see - what I am entitled to see.

We continually are embarrassed by such childish behavior coming from people responsible to lead our province. Surely you must be kidding.

In the absence of Mr. Kent doing the right thing and removing the block - I will be forced to file for access to information. I will need a copy of all Mr. Kent's tweets from here on in.

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