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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Danny's Coatails for by-election?

The political future for PC's in Newfoundland and Labrador is pretty grim. Now there's subtle and not so subtle moves by the Tories that demonstrate how bad the situation is.

 Many of us were wondering why Tom Marshall - the fellow who did not want to stay around anymore - was taking so much time to leave. Timing in politics is everything - we often hear - and I guess this is a good example.

Make no mistake there are still some political strategists left in the diminished Tory house - and in my opinion - they made the call on Marshall's retirement.

Humber East is the one the PC's will throw everything at to hold and they appear to have dipped back into a familiar well. Tom Marshall announced his resignation Monday - November 3rd. Uncharacteristically - Premier Paul Davis announced the by-election for the district the same day. The government that usually takes its time (subject to legislation) in calling by-elections was swift in this case.

The Tories were definitely timing Marshall's departure and were ready when he did.

What happened next?

Well on November 12th with the by-election in full swing - the screening of "Danny" is at the Arts and Culture Centre in Corner Brook with an audience full of prospective voters.

The glorification of all that is "Danny" their former MHA and Premier was there - in the flesh - saying things like - “To come here tonight was like coming home”.

Better yet - an always fawning media willing to entertain a Q&A session with Williams - including political banter - and to "report" on his political comments. Here are a few excerpts from the Telegram

1.  While saying he is staying out of today’s political scene, in true Williams style, he offered his support to Larry Wells, the Conservative candidate trying to hold on to the Humber East seat in an upcoming by-election.“Hello Larry, wherever you are out there,” he said.

2. However, he said he’s not ready to concede a Conservative defeat. “They all, like me, have a genuine love for this wonderful place in which we live,” he said of party candidates and leaders.

3. “I’m a big believer that it doesn’t have to be fracked in order to find it,” he announced to the crowd. “I am not advocating fracking. If there is petroleum there that we can access normally, and I do believe it is there on the west coast.”

4. “To come here tonight was like coming home,” he said. “To put (the film) in front of them and say, ‘you have been a big part of this.’”

5. Danny Williams says he has no real regrets from his political tenure, but he admits he would have liked to have seen more things to ignite the economy on the west coast of the province.

Here are my questions:

1.  When was the booking made for the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Centre for the screening?

2. When did the Tories become aware of that date?

3. Was Tom Marshall's dragged out (despite the groaning) retirement - and by-election call - timed with the screening of the film during the campaign?

4. Did the PC's ask Danny Williams to do a bit of campaigning at the screening?

Outside of this observation - I note the careful footing around economic growth in the district during Danny's tenure. His on-again off-again "home" had to be gently almost with humility asked to believe in a PC resurrection.

What an insult to the people this was and is.

Another excerpt from the Telegram article:

He thanked the audience for that 2001 by-election win in Humber East, which he claimed launched his entire tenure.

Well - how nice - they launched his political career - so he went home and then did so again to launch his film.

Meanwhile the hospital - you know the hospital - yes that hospital - maybe changing hospital - need more design hospital - need to change the services hospital - is NOT built. On the bright side - they did get a Court House - what's it called again?  Oh yes - I remember - the Danny Williams building.

So thanks for what you've done for me - but by the way can you do one more thing? Elect another PC.

He asked the people in former Premier Dunderdale's riding of Virginia Waters to do it. Now he wants the good people of Humber East to do it.

Never forget though - all this could not have happened right? - Cause Williams believes when Premiers leave office they should stay out of it - shut their mouths - right?

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aljcamp said...

I'm not sure that having Williams support is good for the party. People have gotten themselves educated.