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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Charlene's finest hour?

Sometimes it takes the worst of times to reveal the character of a person.

Please take the time to watch the interview with former Finance Minister Charlene Johnson at the CBCNL website click here.

Charlene should have used the results last night as a time to reflect. She should have immediately respected the people's choice - but that did not happen.

As you watch the video clip note some of the commentary:

1. I am completely dumbfounded.

I am sure she is - that is because they were not listening to the people as they claimed they were. That is because the people of Newfoundland and Labrador did not see the progress the Tories claimed was happening.

2. There's mayors here in this room tonight cause this government did so much for these communities.

I am sure Charlene forgets or never did listen to people saying that mayors and councillors in many communities felt intimidated by the Tory stranglehold and feared that bucking this government in any way might hurt chances for a fire-truck or pavement. Johnson will not recognize the partisanship of her government. Fortunately mayors - councillors - and residents have a secret ballot.

and then this beauty

3. There’s mayors here can’t believe it that we did so much for them and this is what happens in return ... And I can say all of this now because I’m not a politician anymore.

We did so much for them? Excuse me what? Charlene was very fortunate to be chosen by the people and paid by the people for public service. The former Minister forgets - she and they were spending our money - our tax dollars. She nor they did anything for us. They did not create the wealth nor did the put the oil in the ground or control the markets. In return she was paid generously and has a pension from us - the people. Instead of being humbled by past election victories she says:

4. Councillors and mayors here can’t believe that this is how people voted for all we’ve done for their town – it says a lot. 

Yes Charlene it sure does - you were the government - using our money and our resources. What did you expect in return for that? You have a pension - you received wonderful pay-cheques - and benefits. Loyalty to what Charlene? Should the people have kissed your feet - or perhaps they should have curtsied or bowed. 

And then in response to a question of the discrepancy in what Charlene said was support at the doors versus what the vote count was the "retired" politician said 

5. I wish they would have told us that...

Johnson is upset that people withheld information from them. Imagine that! I suspect they invoked Bill 29 and decided to keep that proprietary knowledge to themselves. 

In final exasperation of the situation - she talks about visiting Beaumont Hamel and understanding that the voter is always right. 

Charlene's finest hour? or Charlene unscripted and sooky? 

But wait Charlene is going to give some thought to running again. You do that Charlene - thanks for the pavement and fire-trucks.


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Anonymous said...

Sue you aced on every question you posed with the most appropriate answered. Yes what did this undeserving and unthankful politician think she and her PC ruling party deserved for all they' have taken from us over the past 11 years. They have pretty much squandered every dollar that has come into the province's treasury and every dollar that will come in over the next 57 years and besides ever dollar from the poor masses besides their provincial tax dollars to cover the MuskratFalls Project. Now my question,what is Mr. Dwight Ball or Ms. Lorraine Michael going to do to deal with this type of CORRUPT governance that has been foisted upon us for centuries,
particularly as it has pertained to the governance of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, by England and by Canada? My message to both Mr. Ball and Ms. Michaels is that they fix the loopholes that allows this type of CORRUPT GOVERNANCE immediately!