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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why Judy Manning?

Why Judy Manning?

That certainly is a reasonable question considering she has never been elected.

Why Judy Manning?

Why not John Ottenheimer who garnered half the support of the delegates at the convention?

Why not John Ottenheimer as he has considerable experience?

Why Judy Manning?

How does the Premier know her?

What does he know about her career and experience - considering the job ahead?

Why Judy Manning?

Apparently this really has nothing to do with the Attorney General having to be a lawyer because the Premier did not stop there. Davis added Status of Women, Fire and Emergency Services and the entire portfolio of Public Safety (which now includes Justice).

Why Judy Manning?

Is she a long time Tory or have significant Tory connections outside Senator Fabian Manning?

If you really felt that despite having a lawyer who IS elected take the position of Attorney General - then why Judy Manning?

What puts her above other choices in the legal community?

Was anybody else asked?

Did Felix decline? If so is he planning to resign?

Did Ottenheimer say no? Was he even asked?

Why Judy Manning?

It is particularly interesting since she claims she won't run in any upcoming by-elections but in the general election only.

This certainly demonstrates bad judgement. She could have accepted under the condition she will seek opportunity to be elected at the earliest opportunity. That would have shown respect for the people - but no - she accepts a mandate Paul Davis and Paul Davis alone bestowed upon her.

Why Judy Manning?

Yes - why indeed.

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chuckie1462 said...

This is just the same old arrogant bunch that allowed dunderdale to destroy the PC party and the trust that voters had in this government. it did not matter who won the leadership because the strings are pulled from above. lets hope they cannot do more damage than they have already done. i can't wait to vote.