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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Lambs to the Slaughter - while MHA's cover their Eyes

It's really hard to get away from the sickening - deep in the pit of your gut - feeling that Dunderdale and her "team" are going to do the Muskrat Falls deal.

There is nothing good about this and we will pay.

We are lambs to the slaughter and none of our elected opposition members are doing a thing about it.

Dean MacDonald is keeping himself off the public record as a politician as he is neither elected nor officially running for the Liberal leadership. He is "offside" with elected Liberals who are opposed to the deal - yet Dean continues his "rebuilding" tour for the party.

The NDP has problems with its federal counterparts - yet seemingly not bothered by the interference being played by former law partner of Danny Williams - Jack Harris.

We are being played by tag-team money and by those who will never have enough. Their success is measured only by the next deal.

What I can say is the people are the ones both losing the resource and paying for it at the same time. This is not the time for BBQ's and festival handshakes - this is the time to do what the people need you to do - your job. You represent us!

The bobbing and nodding theatrical puppet show is a disservice to your people and your province. Stand up - be counted - or forever hitch your name to yet another disastrous giveaway.

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Cyril Rogers said...

Sue, nothing short of a referendum will satisfy me, in terms of this project! It is simply to crucial to our future and to our financial well being.

As you know, I am firmly opposed to the whole concept and believe that it being developed for all the wrong reasons and for the benefit of the elite.

In my humble opinion, we, the people, need to take ultimate responsibility for the final spite of KD's so-called experts. It is our resource and will be our financial albatross if we vote in favour of it. However, let it never be said that we want to simply pin the blame on government when it goes horribly wrong, if we are given the opportunity to vote and decide to go along with the project.

Come on, Kathy Dunderdale! If you truly believe this project is a GREAT one, give me and every other citizen of this province an opportunity to vote on it! That way, you are off the hook if it goes horribly wrong or if your government then has to cancel the deal.

Perhaps, Sue, we could look at a Facebook petition to get this concept moving forward. Your thoughts?