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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Historical Patterns of Arrogance - Rae Drops In

VOCM has posted the following news story:

Despite recent polls showing a surge in popularity for the NDP, federal Liberal Leader Bob Rae believes his party will form the government in 2015. The NDP is now the official opposition and soaring in the polls both federally and provincially. Rae was in Newfoundland this week. Though he doesn't dismiss the polls, he believes the next federal election will reflect historical patterns in voting.

So Bob Rae - interim - outgoing - and apparently very arrogant leader of the Federal Liberals - believes that "his" political club will win because we the people historically have voted for it. Never you mind about the NDP says Rae - we have the historical right to power. It's our turn - full stop.

So you and I and anybody who has ever voted Liberal will resurrect the grand old party because we should.

Now that's almost as good as Rae's opinion on the Muskrat Falls proposed project with Emera. He - speaking on behalf of his party - is throwing support behind the deal. Why? Well I don't know - but Rae states, “Newfoundland is rich in hydro-electricity, and it's not right that hydro-electricity should be cooped up in one of part of the country and not be able to be used for Newfoundlanders and in the rest of the country”. This quote provided by CBC in an interview between Rae and reporter Dave Cochrane.

So the main thing for the Liberal leader is that Newfoundland and Labrador resources continue to leave our province to accommodate the growth of other provinces?

Rae should understand there are many resources "cooped up" in other areas of the country and we in Newfoundland and Labrador have not and will not benefit from them. What about all those federal jobs "cooped up" in Central Canada?

The entitlement of rule according to Rae extends to ignoring the position of the provincial Liberals - who he was actually touring with - by adding  “I think that’s what important is that the provincial Liberals are doing their job because they are the people on the ground who are going to have to be assessing exactly how much it’s going to cost, and how it’s going to be financed.” So his support of the project has not been altered by the work the provincial Liberals are doing? Then who is Rae listening to? What is he basing his support on?

So as yet - I have not been given one "rae"son to follow "historical" patterns of voting - to the contrary I have every reason to reject "historical" patterns of arrogance.

Rae should stop the rhetoric and walk into the heart of Quebec and ask them to open the power corridor - or better yet walk into Newfoundland and Labrador with a promise to promote the big land as an industrial hub for companies producing finished product such as the aluminum giants "cooped" up in Quebec. In that way we use our own resources to achieve maximum gain for us.

The people of this province have every reason to avoid historical patterns Bob - and you should be cognizant of that.

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