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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Puerile Petition Peturbation

Here we go again with yet another triple P confusion.

Private Public Partnership - you know where everybody cooperates for the good of all.

Instead we have Puerile Petition Perturbation!

Jerome Kennedy a Minister of the Crown and Ross Wiseman Speaker of the House of Assembly are extremely proud of their "gotcha".

They actually spent our money and time torturing Dale Kirby about the numbers of names on a petition. Who cares what the petition is about right? These juvenile ninnies have real work to do and I demand they get to it. They are after all under our employ. They do not serve at the pleasure of the Premier - as they do not get the job at all if we do not elect them.

We are up to our necks in bad news, downsizing, federal trouncing, and industrial annihilation - not to mention our spinning heads as these same people try to justify the Muskrat Falls proposed fiasco.

In one gate - out another - approaching a new gate, running away from another. Gates and locks on the doors of information make this administration one of the least transparent and accountable governments ever.

Kennedy appears intimidated by Kirby and pays significant attention to him. If this were in Kennedy's chosen venue - the courts - I think his objections would suffer overrules on a regular basis.

The Speaker - Ross Wiseman has sat through days of ignorance and misinformation spewing from the government side - yet no action taken. He is an opportunist that spends the majority of his time examining which side his bread is buttered on and whether or not that is likely to change.

Ross would have had to find himself in contempt as he trotted - baggage in hand - from the Liberal to PC side of the House. The fact that he finds himself in the Speaker's chair with a substantial salary speaks either to his inability as a Minister or as a dutiful puppet for the government.

 Beauchesne's - sure Ross - whatever helps you accept your deceptive and self-serving behavior.

On yet another day of federal jobs lost - don't waste my time and money on this garbage.

Kennedy really needs to grow up and do the job we pay him to do - this does not include a testosterone match with a colleague from the NDP.

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