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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One Big Party at Our Expense - Emera/Nalcor

One day after Emera sought rate increases from customers in Nova Scotia - the Executives of Emera - partied hearty - no expense spared.

Even their Premier made the following comments as quoted by CBC - Nova Scotia

"This was a time when they should know that Nova Scotians are very concerned about the impact on their pocketbook of proposed rate increases. I don't think the timing could be any more unfortunate"

"[It] was ill advised and very poor judgment on behalf of the company."

The party was posh and for an elite group of 28 people. The party featured performances by Cape Breton comedian Maynard Morrison, the Halifax Titanic Orchestra, and the Mellotones, a popular band in Halifax.

Needless to say - Nova Scotian's are livid - some of the public commentary includes the following words to describe Emera:

1. corporate blood-suckers
2. greedy corporate elites
3. corporate Welfare Bums
4. bloated executive salaries
5. Emera and NSP....gawd they re like Tony Soprano nobody can control them
6. crime syndicate

That was part one of the story - the second part related to the NDP government allowing this behavior from the private power supplier. 

The story reveals how Premier Dexter hitched a ride with Emera's leased corporate jet - to go where? Well right here to Newfoundland and Labrador. 

The government then reimbursed $2100 to Emera for the Premier's jaunt. 

The public commentary on the NDP has been equally as damning - here are a few examples:

1. Maybe Dexter should cut Emeras budget--he didn't mind doing it to health and education 
2. This just demonstrates that the NDP is yet another corrupt party
3. We really need to get rid of Dexter as fast as we can
4. Dexter has the gloves off now --stand back -- Emera wins in a knockout
5. What a joke this government has become
6. Whatever Dexter....your not winning anyones vote this excuses , we are sick of them
7. Well Darrell, you are also showing "very poor judgement" by ignoring the demand of your electorate to deal with Emera's pack of corporate pickpockets

The public also included significant commentary regarding the privatization of Nova Scotia Power - which occurred around the same time Clyde Wells and government tried to do it here in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

The regret is clear and it is easy to determine that the people of Nova Scotia are not pleased. They are also questioning the "leftist" NDP for not doing something about it now - including nationalizing the utility. 

In Newfoundland and Labrador we stopped that fiasco and now Kathy Dunderdale, Danny Williams, and Dean MacDonald want us to become partners with Emera and have the joy of subsidizing more for these corporate elite. 

This is not a project we should entertain or allow. We do not need to find ourselves in the same place Nova Scotian's are living through now. 

The CBC in our province should do a bit of investigation on this story as well. First question - were there any Nalcor officials at the party? 

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