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Thursday, May 03, 2012

O'Brien flying high over Bumpy Roads

So the Minister of Municipal Affairs is too busy to travel via car to his district.

Are the roads too rutted for your car?

What kind of car are you driving? (you won't find that offensive - you want peoples T-4's remember)

As the Minister of Municipal Affairs - could you use the time on the road to visit municipalities rather than fly over them - again and again and again?

Why can't you get better fares?

Would you travel by air if it was out of your pocket?

As a Minister you know the job is not 9 to 5 Monday to Thursday so many months a year - why can't you add the extra 7 1/2 hours to your week?

Is that 7 1/2 hours netted off the time spent at the airport - check-in etc?

Can you use that 7 1/2 hours to do some thinking? Maybe listen to a recording of an energy symposium?

Perhaps you could count moose during that 7 1/2 hours?

Just imagine the money and time that local business owners have to spend travelling to meet with you, or try to talk to you, or try to deal with a mess you and your government are causing?

How much would a chauffeur cost - where you could sit in the back and do work while travelling?

Your idea of a bus is even better and more reflective of what people who employ have to do.

Just a question of interest - while flying over our great land are you noticing the land turning red as the Deano blue Danny Tory is driving from community to community below?

Then again you got a pension in your arse pocket - so for you it's just taking advantage of the lifestyle until we tell you good-bye.Then again you can take a page from Ross Wiseman's book and cross the floor. Wiseman had the guts to be a traitor - you just hide behind whatever coat-tail happens to be in front.

Your future may rely on turning away from being a policy poltroon and working just a little bit harder.

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