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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peter on the River - Merv in the River

Merv Wiseman gets written reprimand - Peter MacKay gets a lift from Gander River.

Merv Wiseman trying to protect lives in NL - Peter MacKay throws a helicopter to Labrador in part because of Wiseman's dedication to fight for SAR in OUR province.

Merv Wiseman coast guard employee for 35 years - Peter MacKay ended the PC Party Canada through deception.

Are we going to let this go too? Are we going to speak up to protect somebody interested in protecting the lives of Newfoundland and Labrador children, fishers, oil workers, recreational boaters?

The Honourable Peter MacKay? The dishonourable Merv Wiseman?

If you want to know how apathetic we've become - watch the reaction to this disservice delivered to a man with 35 years of real public service. 

Make no mistake - Merv Wiseman will walk the rest of the way for Burton Winters - Peter MacKay will cast his way into a healthy pension.

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