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Monday, April 09, 2012

Is Dean trying to finish the job for Danny and Brian?

Dean = Chairperson of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro under Brian Tobin

Dean = Quits as Chair of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro under Grimes

Dean = Reappointed as Chair of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro under Williams

Reward offered by Sue's Blog - find a comment where Danny Williams says anything negative about Brian Tobin.

Despite the stated circumstances surrounding the insertion of Danny Williams into PC Leader - that is "Liberal" mismanagement of the economy for over a decade - Williams always focused on Roger Grimes - not Tobin. This does not make sense of course - as the Tobin era did most of the spending - including a significant amount respecting a potential deal with Hydro-Quebec to develop the Lower Churchill.

Dean also had no problem cutting a deal with Hydro-Quebec on guaranteed winter availability - which gave more power to the Quebec Crown utility under the Churchill Falls - Labrador Corporation. This was as a result of a failed attempt to develop the Lower Churchill with Quebec under Tobin and Bouchard.

The deal is that Williams becomes Leader of the PC's after Tobin leaves as leader of the Liberals.

Then Williams becomes Premier and re-appoints MacDonald as Chair of Hydro.

Apparently Williams only had problem with Grimes dealing with Quebec but had no problem with Bouchard/Tobin negotiations. No problem with the money spent on that - including the PR costs. MacDonald also had no problem with further control going to Hydro-Quebec.

Insert Danny and all of a sudden MacDonald goes from being a Tobin Liberal to supporting a Williams PC government. Find a place where MacDonald has any negative comments toward the leadership of Danny Williams.

Now Williams is gone and Dean is once again a Liberal - one exception - the Danny deal on Muskrat Falls.

It is "assumed" that Dunderdale would suffice to ram the Emera deal through - with Dean the "Liberal" applauding the project. 

Once rammed through - it is assumed that Dean will enter and win the Liberal leadership and go on to take the "bad" Dunderdale out. You will note that Danny is only commenting on the Emera deal not the overall performance of the Dunderdale administration.

Dean's job will be to follow the Tobin and Williams regimes and make sure some honey flows from the provincial coffers. Tobin to Williams (contract to Cable Atlantic) later sold to Rogers and Williams to MacDonald (contract to Persona) later sold to Eastlink.

Hydro Chair Dean MacDonald's Comment to the Independent Newspaper in 2004 regarding going around Quebec:

“Absolutely,” he says. “One of the things we’ve done in the past is locked into discussions with only one partner (Hydro-Quebec) … I think we’d do ourselves a great disservice if we think there’s only one way to skin this cat. 

“We’re interested in doing the best job we can in terms of returning benefits to the province, whether its with Quebec, or Ontario, or someone south of the border, or whoever.”

What was up in 2004 Dean?

What's up with Tobin on the Emera deal? No comment? No protecting the Liberal position?

We have previous Tories from a Premier to Cabinet Ministers questioning the Emera deal but nothing from Tobin?

Danny develops Term Sheet with Emera then hastily leaves while rumours regarding Dean becoming Liberal leader surface.

In an effort to achieve maximum accountability and transparency I would like to know the complete portfolios of Tobin, Williams, and MacDonald and which of the investments would benefit from the Emera deal and ultimately a privatized hydro with a development for Gull Island.

The three amigos - what's the real deal?

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