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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Attention: PROOF of Failed Hydro Projections

Well let's understand our history so we do not repeat mistakes.

In 1990 the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador under Premier Clyde Wells approached the Federal Government with a proposal to develop the Lower Churchill.

In large part the development was to satisfy the need for power on the Island.

The official "secret" document from our government to the feds states, in part:

"The electrical needs of the island are increasing as Newfoundland's business and industry expands and its population grows. Total electrical consumption during the past decade, increased by 42% or at an average annual compound rate of 3.6%. Newfoundland Hydro forecasts that the Island's electrical use during the next several decades will grow at rates in the range of 2.0% - 2.5% annually. 

Current projections suggest that electrical rates in Newfoundland will exceed the Canadian average by 35-40 % in the year 2000 with the pattern of divergence increasing over time unless there is access to Labrador power. Electrical power and energy from Labrador would provide an element of price stability conducive to the sustained expansion of Newfoundland's economy." 

Now let's review what happened:

Well clearly Ed Martin just discovered the need for power in 2010 - he must have missed this information. No wait - that would mean Hydro's projections were way off.

The government then - as with government now is clearly just trying to justify through fear - need and costs of power or they just don't know what they are doing.

There were 576,000 of us then - and as you can see - we grew right?

And industry just went through the roof right?

But by far the best projection from our experts is that our electrical rates would EXCEED the Canadian average by 35-40% by 2000.

Oops - something went terribly wrong there.

Now we are being asked to trust us and our experts.

Back then industrial growth would be generating population growth and all of that would drive power need.

Now Hydro predicts no industrial growth need - but population will grow with no industry and our aging - declining population will use more not less right? This and baseboard heaters are going to drive the need for power.

It is about time our MHA's and media actually research this.


Will the media ask Ed for these documents and projections?

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