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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Jerome the Bully looking for Protection - on International Women's Day?

International Women's Day has been usurped by a partisan bully that can not stand in the House of Assembly and pretend to give a damn about women's rights, respect for women, bullying of women, and the reputation of a woman or women as long as he attempts to intimidate one woman.

This year's theme is:

Strong Women, Strong Canada –
Women in Rural, Remote and Northern Communities: Key to Canada's Economic Prosperity

Minister Kennedy - I as one woman who is involved in the private sector - can tell you that I feel you have tried to intimidate me - intimidate those I work with - and attempted to damage my professional reputation. You and your government have on many occasions made me feel uncomfortable, attempted to intimidate me, treated me differently than other citizens employed in my type of work, and alienated me from due process afforded to all citizens.

You Minister Kennedy sit next to Darin King - Minister of Fisheries - who openly bullied an entire organization because he felt one person involved in that organization was criticizing him.

Your colleague, the Premier is a woman and has no problem attacking women who criticize her. The Premier has no problem calling people names while not having the guts to name them individually.

The Minister - who was the subject of this purported intimidation - herself has no problem treating a woman with contempt - if that woman disagrees with her government.

The partisan zealotry of this government goes beyond anything I have ever witnessed and if it happens to be a woman who challenges the policies of this government - there is no hesitation in attacking that individual whenever the opportunity arises.

The Premier may be a woman and there may be women who sit in senior Cabinet portfolios - but I can tell you that some of women residing in the rural, remote, and northern communities that I represent - are not getting the decency of a hearing from this government.

The nonsense demonstrated in the House of Assembly today is a continued attack on women by using an event - saving it for this day - to satisfy male political egos.

If this administration is consistant - there will be a cost to me for this post.

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