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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ottawa comes through AGAIN for ONTARIO

Hey Loyola - any chance you can get Ottawa to sign on to help finance the Lower Churchill, so Danny won't mortgage our future to Quebec and Ontario?

This is a quote from a recent story in the Globe and Mail

"That said, real-life governments have signed on in a big way and are boosting the industry with tax breaks, the promise of guaranteed markets -- by setting minimum levels of ethanol in gasoline -- and direct subsidies.

The new Sarnia plant, like most other ethanol factories across the country, wouldn't exist if Ottawa hadn't picked up some of the costs. The federal government's ethanol expansion program, which has put more than $100-million into projects across the country, contributed $22-million of the $120-million price tag for Suncor's new plant."

Read the complete story!

So Loyola, if you've got the clout of Super Minister Strahl - show it! Otherwise, step aside...

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