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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Make the investment Danny

Our Premier believes in the value of investing in post-secondary - right?
Time to pony up Danny our students and this province needs to invest more.
According to this story out of Manitoba we are still second to Quebec. Let's be first and invest in our students - and by doing so you won't need to visit Ireland.

There is no doubt the 70 million or so a year is a great investment in our province's future. Make education free and accessible - it may reduce the number of kids wanting to join the armed forces and then again maybe the percentages relative to socio-economics would find a better balance.

Joan, if the young adults graduating were not laden with debt and were able to invest in new business opportunites or in homes, we would lessen the drive to seek higher wages in other provinces. It would not take long to reap the rewards of this type of contribution. Consider it a provincial version of a registered education plan - where the future will belong to them.

Do you have the courage to research and determine the truth? Will you stop mumbling Loyola's "poor mouth" attitude and get in the Cabinet room and fight for the next generation.

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