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Friday, September 08, 2006

Attention Holyrood Environmental Action Committee

When you meet and discuss issues regarding Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro and the pollution falling around you from the Holyrood Generating station - don't forget Danny's business buddy Dean MacDonald is the Chair of the Board and Danny's hand picked (oil?) man Ed Martin is CEO and President.
You can have all kinds of hydro reps there - but the only one that makes the call is Danny. He has determined that NLH will keep its profits and re-invest them in energy related matters - this is good and can include clean-up of Holyrood. When the invisible man (Ed Byrne) was Minister he was not in control of Energy - Danny was!
The Energy Plan is in the final stages as we speak and that will dictate the future of not only Holyrood and region but the entire province.
If you are interested in choices for the future please read the submission by the IBEW1615 to the Energy Plan Consultations.
Don't let the Premier pass the buck - he controls whether or not the Hydro's increase request will proceed let alone get approved. Further proper decisions now could see new generation for Holyrood for 10 years until we can run the province on hydro - then with the correct energy corridor and transmission system we can generate clean energy for decades.
Do not let the Premier export our hydro resources.
When people from Holyrood call open-line and wonders why hydro is ignoring the obvious environmental concerns - it is with the Premier's blessing. He is responsible and he appointed the people who make the call.

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